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Easy Father’s Day Cards that Use Students’ Photos

Father's Day Cards Kids Can Make with Student Photos

Since I received such positive feedback on my Mother’s Day cards, I created some for dads as well (couldn’t let them feel left out!). Students love adding their own creative touches to the cards and their pictures on the cards add even more of a personal touch (especially if the students take and send their own “selfies” or pictures to me to place on the cards).

With many of us now having both in class and remote learning students, I created printable cards that students can personalize and color AND digital cards that distance learning students can edit using Google Classroom, Seesaw, or any platform that supports JPEG files.

As you may know, I like giving my students lots of choice so there are 7 different designs from which to choose. If you would like to use them with your students they are available here.

Use PowerPoint to Insert Student Photos

I am a huge fan of PowerPoint as an editing tool. Their crop to shape feature makes it so easy to add student photos to the cards in just the right size and shape.

Photos you have on file can be used or students can send a recent photo via Google Classroom, Seesaw, or email.

Once I get students’ photos inserted, I save the cards as JPEG files because I can print them out several on a page for in class students AND I can easily add them as background images in Google Slides or add them to Seesaw for remote learning students to edit.

Students Can Color the Printable Black & White Cards

Students color and personalize the printable black & white cards.

Father's day card kids can make printable
Printable Fathers Day Cards for kids
Father's Day Card printable template

Students Can Edit The Digital Cards in Google Slides or Seesaw

The digital cards can be sent to distance learning students so they can add all of their creative and cute edits. Students can use Google Slides in Google Classroom to write messages to their dads and “sign” their names. They can also insert shapes such as hearts, smiley faces, suns, stars, etc. or call outs to make it look like they are saying something special to their dads.

Students can also add special edits in Seesaw. They can use the drawing tools to sign their names and draw pictures, use the text tool for messages, and my favorite part is they can use the record option to record a special message for their dads that their dads can download and keep! How special!

Father's Day Card for digital distance learning
Father's Day Card for digital distance learning
Father's Day Card for digital distance learning
Father's Day Card for Distance Learning
Father's Day Card for Distance Learning - All About My Dad
Father's Day Card for Distance Learning
Father's Day Card kids can make during Distance Learning
Father's Day Card kids can make during distance learning
Father's Day Card kids can make during distance learning

If you would like to use these Father’s Day cards with your students, click here to download them from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Father's Day Cards Digital and Print

“These turned out so adorable and my students loved making special photo cards!” – Heather H.

“We loved using these for father’s day cards. So cute !:)” – Sabrina O.

“Really handy to have something to send home during remote learning. I also loved that it came with different types of cards for those without a father in their lives. Really worked for my whole class!” – Mitchell F.

“This was easy to use and look really cute with the kids’ photos in – i used the space one” – Mia V.

You can also get both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Cards in a money-saving bundle pack.

Mother's Day Father's Day Cards Print Digital Bundle

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