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Back to School, Open House, Meet the Teacher Student Gift Ideas

back to school / open house student gift ideas

I am posting some of my favorite back to school student gifts.  I have found over the years that having a little something special waiting for young students on the first day of school or on Meet the Teacher Night (Open House) helps make them feel a little more at ease and excited about beginning school. […] Read more about this blog post

Fun Alphabet and Handwriting Practice

Fun Ideas for Alphabet & Handwriting Practice

I wanted to share with you today some favorite and fun ideas for teaching the letters of the alphabet and handwriting.

Over the years teaching the alphabet has changed quite a lot due to the increase in standards. However, the fact that young children can get overwhelmed with learning both the uppercase and lowercase version of each letter of the alphabet, their sounds, and how to write them has not changed.

Here are some of my favorite manipulatives to use for teaching the alphabet. […] Read more about this blog post

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Water Cycle, Rain Cycle Science Experiments and Craftivity

3 Simple Water Cycle, Rain Cycle Experiments

Let’s Learn About the Water Cycle! 3 Simple Water Cycle Experiments & a Craftivity

Here are 3 of my favorite water cycle experiments and craftivity.  These science experiments are simple to set up and use common household items. The water cycle wheel craftivity gives students a visual representation of the stages of the water cycle and how they repeat over and over again. […]  Read more about this blog post

Back to School Activities & Classroom Decor Dog Theme (Editable)


Dog Back to School Pack

I have decided to share my favorite back to school theme – DOGS!  The editable classroom decor and fun first week of school activities are designed to save you prep time during the hectic first weeks of school and create a welcoming environment for your new students. […] Read more about this blog post

Student Birthday Gift Ideas & Tags, Certificates, & Brag Tags

Student Birthday Gift Ideas

I feel that it is important to do something at school for students’ birthdays. It is the one day out of the year that is THEIR DAY so I feel that it should be acknowledged with something special. Over the years I have tried different options for celebrating student birthdays. I’ve included my favorites in this […]  Read more about this blog post

Dog Days of Summer Display & Free Printable Patterns

Dog Days of Summer Classroom Display & Free printable dog patterns

The Dog Days of Summer Classroom Display & Patterns  – This “paws”-itively adorable display is great for the end of the school year, summer school, summer camp, or the beginning of a new school year. I am a dog LOVER (I have 2 adorable beagles) and this display is one of my personal favorites!  There are several […] Read more about this blog post

Setting Up Your Early Childhood Classroom for Success

Setting Up Your Early Childhood Classroom for Success

Your classroom environment influences your students’ learning, mood, and behavior so it is very important that you think about how and what it is communicating to young children when setting it up for those all important first days of school.  The first few weeks of school set the tone for the entire year so you want the classroom to be a positive environment where students feel comfortable and welcome from the very first day. […] Read more about this blog post

Kindergarten Books / Read Alouds for the Beginning of the School Year

45 Kindergarten Books for the Beginning of the School Year
One of my favorite parts of the school day is reading aloud to my students.  It allows me to share my LOVE of reading and instill a love of books in my students.  It is a time where we can connect, share experiences, and build a classroom community.  I pause often throughout the reading to ask […] Read more about this blog post

How I Motivated Students to Learn Their Alphabet Letters

How I motivated my students to learn their alphabet letters

Let’s face it, learning 26 letters and their sounds can be a daunting task for young children.  Even though at 4-6 years old they are in the middle of a language explosion and their minds are like sponges, it is still a lot to learn and process.  This is why I love to reward and […]  Read more about this blog post

Brag Tags that Motivate Students to Learn Numbers, Shapes, & Colors

How to encourage and motivate students to learn numbers, shapes, and colors.

After seeing the success I had with brag tags for alphabet letters (you can read more about that here) and how motivated and excited students were about learning the letters and receiving a tag for each one, I decided to create some for numbers, colors, and shapes too. With the ever increasing demands on young […]  Read more about this blog post

Motivational & Fun Addition & Subtraction Practice

addition and subtraction equation boards

After working on addition and subtraction with manipulatives, math talks & stories, I needed to find a fun way for students to practice fluency to meet the core standards.  As we all know, for them to become fluent means practice, practice, and more practice! So I didn’t want to just have one or two ways […] Read more about this blog post

How to Differentiate Alphabet Old Maid and Concentration Card Games

How I use 2 classic card games for differentiated alphabet practice

I am always on the look out for fun ways of practicing letter recognition and beginning sounds with my students, especially since they are now expected to learn all 26 letters (well 52 letters actually with uppercase and lowercase) in a much shorter time period than previous years. Much to my delight, I have […] Read more about this blog post