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Teaching Signs of the Spring Season

Teaching the Signs of Spring to Primary Students

Signs of the Spring Season

I love the coming of spring because it signals the end of the long, cold winter.  I also love teaching young students about the signs of the spring season because it gets them excited for warmer weather, playing outside, and watching things grow.

We start off talking about and listing things that the students already know about the season. Then, I like to show them a PowerPoint presentation that explains the spring season in very simple terms that they can understand and uses real, full-color photographs which they can relate to their own environment. Here are a few sample slides:

At the end we play a little interactive game to check their understanding.  Read more about this blog post

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Rain / April Showers Science, Art Projects, Book List, Songs

Rain / April Showers Science, Art, Math Activities & Book List

April is the perfect month to discuss rain with your students.Here are a few simple ideas that can be easily added to any lesson plan. Science Make Your Own Rain  Make your own rain with this simple experiment. This experiment demonstrates what happens in the clouds during the water cycle. When a cloud accumulates too many water […]  Read more about this blog post

How to Make a Rainstick with Brass Fasteners, Paper Towel Roll

rainstick craft

What is a rainstick? The first rainsticks were believed to be created by the Aztecs.  They would dry out a piece of cactus in the sun, remove the spines, then drive them into the cactus like nails. Small stones or pebbles were then placed inside and the ends were sealed.  When tilted vertically, the pebbles […]  Read more about this blog post

Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Students or Children

5 Fun Ways to Decorate Eggs with Students or Children

One of my favorite holiday activities is decorating Easter eggs with students.  I love finding new and creative ways for the children to decorate their eggs.  Here are some of my favorites: Tissue Paper Eggs I have been doing this method for years with children as young as 3 years old.  It is always a […]  Read more about this blog post

Decomposing Numbers Rain Puddle Center Activity, Equation Boards

equation board for decomposing numbers practice

It’s raining, it’s pouring, your students’ decomposing numbers knowledge will be soaring! I created these activities to make decomposing numbers practice more engaging for my kindergarten students and to help them visualize the decomposition of numbers and the equations. Decomposing Numbers Equation Boards I like using equation boards for several reasons: students love using […] Read more about this blog post


Student Gift Ideas & Gift Tags for Positive Reinforcement, Testing, Motivation

student gifts, student gift tags that reward, encourage, & motivate students

Throughout the school year I like to surprise students with a little something extra special to recognize their hard work and effort, improved behavior, achievement of a milestone like learning all of their sight words or numbers to 100, or to celebrate the completion of a big project on which they worked very hard or […]  Read more about this blog post

Motivational & Fun Addition & Subtraction Practice

addition and subtraction equation boards

After working on addition and subtraction with manipulatives, math talks & stories, I needed to find a fun way for students to practice fluency to meet the core standards.  As we all know, for them to become fluent means practice, practice, and more practice! So I didn’t want to just have one or two ways […] Read more about this blog post

How I Motivated Students to Learn Their Alphabet Letters

unique brag tag for each alphabet letter

Let’s face it, learning 26 letters and their sounds can be a daunting task for young children.  Even though at 4-6 years old they are in the middle of a language explosion and their minds are like sponges, it is still a lot to learn and process.  This is why I love to reward and […]  Read more about this blog post

Differentiated Spring Addition & Subtraction

Easily differentiate your addition and subtraction practice.

This activity was created to address 2 issues I was having with my kinders – restlessness (spring fever) and differing ability levels with addition and subtraction. Making it an around the room or SCOOT activity allowed my students to get up out of their seats and “buzz” around to find the […]  Read more about this blog post

Setting Up Your Early Childhood Classroom for Success

early childhood classroom set up

Your classroom environment influences your students’ learning, mood, and behavior so it is very important that you think about how and what it is communicating to young children when setting it up for those all important first days of school.  The first few weeks of school set the tone for the entire year so you […]  Read more about this blog post

Very Hungry Caterpillar Gross Motor Activity

children crawling under blanket - The Very Hungry Caterpillar Gross Motor Activity

Very Hungry Caterpillar Gross Motor Activity – Great for Very Hungry Caterpillar Day on March 20th! Explain to students how caterpillars change into butterflies. Read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Have your students pretend to be caterpillars and act out how they turn into butterflies by first curling up in a ball to […]  Read more about this blog post