Tina O'Block, Lessons for Little OnesI’m Tina O’Block and inspiring young children to want to learn and love school is my passion. I have taught pre-k and kindergarten for over 20 years and my classroom is my happy place. I have just as much fun teaching as my students do learning. My students’ energy and enthusiasm fuel me to want to be a better teacher and person. Their parents entrust me with their most treasured possession and I feel a great responsibility to them to help their children reach their full potential and become lifelong learners.

Therefore, I am constantly striving to find creative lessons that reach all the ability levels of my students, but are also engaging and meaningful. Quite frankly, the curriculums I have been given over the years have fallen flat in providing this and that is the reason I started creating my own lessons.

Soon parents started requesting copies of some of my materials because their children were talking about all the fun they were having in school.  Then fellow teachers started asking me for lessons and this inspired me to start sharing my materials and ideas with others in the hopes of helping dedicated teachers save their valuable time and help make learning more fun for students.

I have collected, created, and tried MANY ideas over the years and this is where I share my favorites with you in the hopes of helping you save valuable planning time and help your students love learning.

I use my 20+ years of classroom experience as well as my Curriculum & Instruction and Elementary Education degrees to design lessons for teachers that motivate and inspire their students to reach their full potentials and to love learning.  You will find ideas that can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum, saving you valuable planning time on this blog and in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

More Tidbits About Tina

  • Huge dog / animal lover! We have 2 adorable beagles, Lucky and Brandy.
  • Passionate Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan. Dedicated season ticket holder for over 30 years.
  • NASCAR / racing fan. My favorite racer calls me his aunt!
  • Created & published free racing activity books for my nephew to distribute to his young fans to combine the excitement of racing with learning.
  • When I’m not teaching or creating materials you can find me hiking with my dogs, watching the Pens / NASCAR, or relaxing by the fire (best stress relief!).
  • Love music and singing even though I can’t carry a tune LOL! Good music can instantly change my mood.
  • Favorite “getaways” – going camping, to the beach, or to a NASCAR race.


  1. I just pourchased your prek diploma pack and was wanting the religiouse ones. Im not seing this on the downloaded options??

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