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Donuts with Dad Craft (Father’s Day Gift)

Student-Made Gifts for Your Donuts with Dad Celebration or Father’s Day

Donuts for Dads is a celebration that my students always anticipate.  It is a special morning that includes a visit from their dad, uncle, grandpa, brother, guardian, etc. and the students get to have a special treat of doughnuts with them in the cafeteria and then show off our room and what they have been learning.  It is always a wonderful and memorable day!  We usually schedule it towards the end of the school year since we are out of school before Father’s Day.  I have also held this special celebration for dads during summer camp, usually the Friday before Father’s Day.

I wanted to share with you the most popular student-made gift we have made for this celebration.  It has been modified a few times over the years but is always a favorite.

I wanted a personalized gift that students could give to their fathers for this special day, so a number of years ago I had the idea of using a doughnut as a picture frame of sorts for student pictures.  I tried a simple one with my pre-k class first.  I printed simple doughnut patterns onto brown paper that had the saying “”Donut” you know I love you a “hole” bunch?”printed on them.  I also printed icing patterns onto white construction paper.  I used a 3 inch hole punch to punch out the center of the icing pattern. The students cut out around the doughnut and the icing.  They glued their icing onto their doughnut and then I had them place finger paint fingerprints of various colors around the doughnut to serve as sprinkles.  Lastly, they glued their pictures in the center.  After the paint dried, they wrote “Happy Father’s Day” on the back and signed them.  They turned out so adorable and the dads LOVED them!

Donuts with Dad student-made craft

Since these were such a hit with the fathers, I decided to do them with my kindergarten students the next year and added some writing to it.  I used the phrase “I “donut” know what I’d do without you! You are my “hole” world!” and had the students write what they loved about their dads on the sprinkles (we used construction paper sprinkles instead of paint).

Donuts with Dads student-made gift

I wanted to use the writing craftivity with my pre-k students but it was too hard for them to try and write on the sprinkles; so, they wrote (or I wrote for them) on the doughnut and then glued a tag that had the phrase on the doughnut.

Donuts for Dads personalized craft with student picture

There was one year where I was unable to get student pictures taken so I placed the saying in the center in place of a picture.  We had to discuss responses for this saying as a group before starting the writing.  We brainstormed ways in which their dads show them that they love them.

Donuts for Dad craft idea, craftivity

I have made all of the printable patterns and detailed instructions for all of these options plus a few more available at my TPT store here.

You receive a number of different donut craftivities and options from which to choose. Use them with multiple classes or from year to year for variety.

There are 4 different sayings from which to choose:

• “Donut” you know I love you a “hole” bunch?
• I “donut” know what I’d do without you. You are my “hole” world!
• “Donut” you know the reasons I love you?
• My dad sprinkles me with… (includes options for uncle, brother, grandpa, and you to accommodate students who do not have a father)

For each of the above sayings you receive:

• instructions
• a printable doughnut pattern with the wording printed around the outside edge of the doughnut
• a blank doughnut pattern plus printable doughnut centers that contain the phrases. These centers can be used in place of student photos.
• Printable tags with the sayings on them that can be used with the plain doughnut pattern if you do not wish to have wording around the outside edge of the doughnut. These tags can be placed anywhere on the doughnut.
• 2 printable icing patterns

“Wow! What a great resource that one could use a million different ways. (Well maybe not a million, but many ways. :)) Turned out so cute for our Donuts with Dads! Thanks!” – Cindy S.

“Loved this product!! It was such a hit with the kiddos and dads at our Doughnuts with Dad event! Loved that there were so many options and even some without the word dad in them!” – Kendall B.

“These are great! I loved that there were multiple options for putting them together. The students really loved them and so did their dads! Thanks for creating this! I had never done a donuts for dad day and this really helped me.” – Kari S.

“Loved this craft for Father’s Day! My favorite part was that I could make this same craft in several different ways and for different age groups. I made it one way with my younger class and a different way with the older class. The kids enjoyed making it!” – Tracy M.

Donuts for Dad Crafts, Craftivities
(Father’s Day Gifts)

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