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Easy Mother’s Day Cards that Use Students’ Photos

From Classroom to Keepsake: How to Turn Your Students’ Photos into Stunning Mother’s Day Cards

With technology making it so easy to take and use student photos for projects, I was looking for a unique and sentimental way to use them for our Mother’s Day cards.

I came up with some creative ways to incorporate these heartfelt images into our Mother’s Day cards while still showcasing my students’ creativity in the process.

Each student’s adorable photo is the centerpiece for the card, but when each student adds their own personalized touches that is what really makes the card stand out. They are something mom, caregivers will cherish for years to come!

I always like to give students choice, so I created 6 different designs from which they could choose in both print and digital format.

With having kinders that LOVE using technology and showing off their tech skills and pre-k students who are not quite as tech savvy, I wanted both digital cards that students could edit in Google Classroom or Seesaw and printable cards that students could color. Both can be downloaded or printed as keepsakes and personalized with student pictures – perfect!

If you would like to save time and use the ready-made Mother’s Day card templates with your students they are available here.

Use PowerPoint to Insert Student Photos

One of the easiest platforms to use for inserting student photos in a picture is PowerPoint because it has the crop to shape editing tool. It makes it so easy to resize and shape the photo to the exact size and shape you need. Photos you have on file can be used or students can send a recent photo via Google Classroom, Seesaw, or email. Students are pretty good at taking pictures and selfies nowadays LOL.

Once student photos were inserted in the cards, I saved the digital cards as JPEG picture files and sent them to the students to edit and printed out the black & white cards to give to students in the classroom.

Students Can Color the Printable Black & White Cards

Students color and personalize the printable black & white cards.

mothers day cards printable
mother's day card for kids to make printable

Students Can Edit The Digital Cards in Google Slides

The cards can be edited in Google Slides via Google Classroom. Students can write messages to their moms and “sign” their names. They can also insert shapes such as hearts, smiley faces, suns, stars, etc.

Mother's Day Card for Google Classroom
Mother's Day Card for Google Classroom
Mother's Day Digital Card for Distance Learning

Students can also add callout shapes to make it look like they are saying something special to their moms.

Mother's Day Digital Card for Distance Learning

Students Can Personalize Their Digital Mother’s Day Cards in Seesaw

Personally, I love having the students use Seesaw to edit their cards because they can use the drawing tools to sign their names and draw pictures, use the text tool for messages, and my favorite part is they can use the record option to record a special message for their moms that their moms can download and keep! How special!

Mother's Day Card Digital for Distance Learning
Mother's Day Cards for Distance Learning
Mother's Day Cards for Distance Learning using Seesaw
Mothers Day Cards Distance Learning

The cards can also be printed for students to sign and decorate if digital editing is not available or if you send students packets or printed materials.

If you would like to use these Mother’s Day cards with your students, click here to download them from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Mother's Day Card Digital Print Distance Learning

“Oh my goodness….I am technologically challenged at best and this product was amazing!!!! The instructions were so clear and concise that even I was able to follow them! I am so excited for my kiddos Moms to receive these amazing cards on Mother’s Day! I am loving using Seesaw and this product is perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Lisa J.

“I was so excited to find this activity so that I could provide an adorable Mother’s Day card for my kids. I did a Zoom with them and they can’t wait to give it to their moms! Thank you!” – Shelly P.

“This resource was super easy to implement in my Google Classroom. The students were very excited to create easy to make e cards for their moms!” – Vanessa P.

“LOVED having this to make a special Mother’s Day card for the moms to my students! It was such a sweet surprise for them to receive these in an email – completely unexpected! They LOVED them!!” – Leah W.

“Awesome resource! Easy to use templates and directions were terrific! The students loved the different choices!” – Donna H.

You can also get both Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Cards in a money-saving bundle pack.

Mother's Day Father's Day Cards for Distance Learning Bundle

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Mother's Day Cards (Print & Digital) with Student Photos

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