Candy Cane Heart Christmas Ornaments

Candy Cane Heart Christmas Ornament

These sweet ornaments are always a hit with parents and very simple to create! Take a holiday picture of each student. Print the pictures out on card stock or heavy, stiff paper. If you are unable to print the pictures directly onto heavy paper, print them on photo paper and then glue them onto heavier paper. The paper needs to be thick and stiff enough to hold the candy canes.

Give each student their holiday picture and have them glue 2 candy canes in the shape of a heart around their face.  I do a demonstration of this beforehand so they know where to put the glue and how much to use.

After the glue dries, use scissors or an exacto knife to trim the excess picture around the candy canes.  Attach a loop made of ribbon on the back.


Students can sign their name and write the year on the back if you wish.  And there you have it! An adorable parent Christmas gift!

how to make a candy cane heart Christmas ornament

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