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Christmas Silhouette Window Decorations

Christmas Silhouette Window Decoration Crafts

I love decorating my classroom windows with the look of stained glass for the holidays and the black contrast of these silhouette decorations with the brightly colored “stained glass” really create a stunning display.   If you would like to create these Christmas silhouette window decorations with your class, follow these steps.

Print the silhouette patterns onto cover stock or construction paper. Cut them out around the outside and the inside with scissors and an exacto knife.
I have included the silhouettes I used at the end of this post.  I posted them as individual JPEG pictures so that you could resize them to fit your needs.  Insert them into PowerPoint or your favorite editing program, size and group accordingly, and print.

If you are not able to print onto heavy paper or do not wish to print all of the silhouettes, make one pattern and trace it onto sheets of black construction paper. Cut out each silhouette.

tracing Christmas window silhouette onto black construction paper

You can choose to use either wax paper or contact paper.  I have used both with my younger students. Honestly I don’t have a preference, it basically depends on what I have available. If you don’t wish to have your students use glue then the contact paper option is best.

Trace around the outside of the silhouette pattern onto either the wax paper or the contact paper and cut it out.

If using wax paper, give each student watered down glue, a paintbrush, cut up tissue paper squares, and a wax paper cut out.  Have them paint some glue onto the wax paper and then place various colors of tissue paper on it.

how to create a Christmas silhouette window decoration

If using contact paper, give each student cut up tissue paper squares and a contact paper cut out.  Have them place tissue paper squares on the sticky side.

directions for creating Christmas silhouette window decoration

Have students completely cover their cut out patterns with the tissue paper squares.

directions for creating Christmas silhouette window decoration

Add glue to the back of the black silhouette and place it on top of the tissue paper shape. Younger students may need help placing the black silhouette in the exact location.  Trim off any excess around the edges with scissors. Display in a brightly lit window.

Christmas nativity silhouette window decoration
Christmas  silhouette window decorations

Silhouette Patterns

Christmas  nativity silhouette window decorations
Christmas candle silhouette window decorations
Christmas gift silhouette window decorations
Christmas tree ball silhouette window decorations

You can use any simple silhouette pattern you wish for these window decorations.  I found most of these at this website and then tweaked them a bit in PowerPoint.

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