Christmas Candy Cane Bulletin Board – Have a Sweet Holiday

This idea reviews patterns and makes a sweet holiday classroom display! Candy canes are a festive and fun way to review patterns with students. Give each student 2 candy cane patterns (one with the “hook” facing right and one with the “hook” facing left).  You can use blank ones or ones with lines for younger students.  I couldn’t find a blank candy cane pattern so I used a bubble font letter J for a pattern.  Have the students color each candy cane in a pattern. I give the students the freedom to choose any colors they wish as long as they make a pattern.  Some choose to use 2 colors, some choose to use 4 colors, some make both of their candy canes the same, others make each one different.

Christmas candy cane bulletin board and craft

Glue a picture of each student in the middle of a green heart cut out shape (to make the heart pattern, I put 2 of the candy canes together to form a heart and traced around them).  Have the students glue their candy canes onto their heart to form a heart shaped frame.

candy cane heart craft for bulletin board

Hang the candy cane hearts on a bulletin board entitled “Have a SWEET holiday”.  I used a candy cane font I found on

Christmas candy cane bulletin board - Have a SWEET holiday

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