New Year Craftivity

free New Year's craft, bulletin board

The first day back to school after winter break I always like to talk to the students about the new year.  During morning meeting we discuss how the date has changed to incorporate not only a new month but a new year.

Then we talk about how sometimes people reflect back on the previous year.  I tell them that we are going to reflect back on the first half of our school year.  We make a class list of the things that the students learned so far this school year or things that we did during the school year.

Next we discuss resolutions.  I explain that a resolution is like a promise to yourself and that people oftentimes make resolutions at the start of the new year.  We make a class list of things that we want to learn or do during the next half of the school year.

Now it’s time for the craftivity.  Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE dogs so of course I had to incorporate dogs into the craft!  I give each student a dog with a large bone in its mouth (click here for free patterns) and have them write something on the bone that they want to accomplish or learn during the coming year.  I write the following on the board and have them copy it and finish the sentence:

In 2016 I will…

New year's resolution bulletin board

New Year craftivity bulletin board

After the students have written their goal/resolution, I have them cut a triangle out of construction paper or patterned paper (wallpaper samples) to resemble a New Year’s hat.  I supply a variety of craft materials from which they can choose to decorate their hat (pom-poms, glitter, sparkles, dot painters, etc.).  I then have them color and cut out the dog and glue the hat to the dog’s head.

I put the dogs together on a bulletin board entitled “Paws”-itively Great Goals for the New Year.

New Year bulletin board and craftivity


Download the free dog patterns for this New Year Craftivity here.

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