Earth Day Craft & Writing Prompts

I love how these earth day crafts & writing prompts turned out and I wanted to share them with you.  They are easy to make and create a nice classroom display.

earth day crafts writing prompts

There are 2 different methods for creating the earth:

Method 1 – Newspaper

Materials Needed:

blue paint
green paint

Cut newspaper into circles to represent the earth.

earth day craft

Give each student a circle plus 2 crumpled up pieces of newspaper. Have them dip one crumpled piece of newspaper in the green paint and use it to dab on areas of land to their circle.  Then have them dip the other crumpled piece of newspaper in the blue paint and fill in the rest of the circle to represent the water.

Method 2 – Coffee Filters

Materials Needed:

coffee filters
washable markers
spray bottle filled with water

Have each student color a flattened coffee filter with green and blue washable markers to resemble the earth.

earth day craftivity

Then have them spray the middle with 2-3 squirts of water and watch the water spread and the colors run together.  It is important not to let them spray too much water!

earth day craft

Making the Universe

While the earth crafts are drying, students can make the universe.

Materials Needed:

black construction paper
white paint

Splatter paint pieces of black construction paper with white paint to represent a star-filled universe.  Have students dip the toothbrush in the white paint and run their thumbs over the bristles to splatter the paint onto the paper.

earth day craft

While the art projects are drying, have students complete writing prompts about the earth.  I have used the following with this craftivity:

I love the earth because…
I help the earth by…

If you would like the free printable Earth Day writing prompt pages click here. 

Glue the earth craft onto the black universe. (Optional) Have students glue a heart shape on the earth. Attach the writing prompt or hang it by their craft on your display.

CLICK HERE to download the free Earth Day Writing Prompts Printable Pages 

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Free Earth Day Writing Craft

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