Differentiated Pumpkin Patch Counting & Skip Counting Practice

Pumpkin patches are so much fun! The games, the food, the learning. Yep, I said learning. There are so many things that your students can learn at the pumpkin patch. And the best part is, you don’t have to make a daily trip to the actual patch to have some of the fun. You can […]

Pumpkin Science Experiments & STEM Challenges

pumpkin science experiments & STEM activities

After visiting the pumpkin farm (one of my favorite field trips!) and bringing back loads of pumpkins, I like to harness my students’ excitement about them by planning lots of fun, engaging pumpkin science activities. Prior to visiting the pumpkin farm, we learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin with activities, games, & interactive […]

How to Make the Pumpkin Life Cycle Meaningful & Fun for Students

orange pumpkin - life cycle of a pumpkin

Grow Your Own Pumpkin and/or Use Real Photos Real life and hands-on experiences are some of the best ways to teach concepts, therefore growing your own pumpkins and documenting each stage is a great way for students to learn and remember the life cycle of a pumpkin because they actually experience it and help grow […]

We Found a Surprise in Our Pumpkin – A Sprout!

Last week while carving our pumpkin we were amazed to find that one of the seeds inside had actually sprouted and was growing!  Talk about a teachable moment lol. In all of my years carving pumpkins I have never seen this before!  We were able to see how it grew out of the seed, the […]