Thanksgiving Turkey Math and Literacy Centers

Planning ahead to November and added a few new features and ideas to both Thanksgiving Turkey centers, and they are now available together in a money-saving bundle!  These hands-on centers are great for practicing and assessing common core standards and are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving theme or curriculum. Both centers include color and black and […]

Teaching the Signs of the Fall, Autumn Season

Teaching the Signs of the Fall, Autumn Season Fall is one of the prettiest seasons here in the northeast and I always love teaching young students about the fall colors and signs of the season.  We start off talking about and listing things that the students already know about the season. Then, I like to […]

Signs of the Four Seasons Bundle Pack (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

Signs of the Four Seasons Bundle Pack (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) Grade Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade Save money with this bundle pack! It includes all four signs of the seasons PowerPoint presentations (fall, spring, summer, winter). Each PowerPoint presentation explains the season in simple terms using real, full-color photographs. Each presentation also includes slides […]

Free Pit Stop Punctuation Practice – Fix the Sentences (L.1.2A, L.1.2B, L.1.2C)

Free Pit Stop Punctuation Practice – Fix the Sentences (Common Core Standards L.1.2A, L.1.2B, L.1.2C) Grade Level: First Grade Practice common core standards L.1.2A, L.1.2B, and L.1.2C with these free racing-themed practice pages. First grade students will love being a member of the pit crew and fixing the incorrect sentences! Works on capitalizing dates and […]

“Eggs”ellent Egg Learning Activities and Crafts

Since it is getting close to Easter I decided to post some favorite egg activities. Egg Learning Activities What Animals Lay Eggs? Ask students if they know from where eggs come?  Explain that the word oviparous means any animal that lays eggs from which its young hatch.  Ask students to name animals that lay eggs and […]

Resurrection Eggs Christian Easter Activities

Resurrection Eggs student-made book

Resurrection Eggs Christian Easter Activities I love using Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter story.  They keep students engaged and interested. I created a few activities that reinforce and review the Easter story as told with Resurrection Eggs since students like them so much. Activities include an around the room Resurrection Egg hunt, a printable student-made […]

The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Christian Activities, Printable Book

The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Student book

The Colors of Easter Poem is one of my favorite ways to relate the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus to the colors of jelly beans. Students always love it! Here are some of the activities we do to supplement it. Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Student-Made Book When creating their student-made books, […]

Nutrition Activity and Bulletin Board for Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

Nibbling Nick Knows Nutrition This lesson will help students understand the difference between healthy and non-healthy foods. To prepare, create a cute monster named Nibbling Nick from the patterns included in this lesson or find one of your own.  Cut out his mouth so that he can pretend to eat. Cover a bulletin board or […]

MyPlate Nutrition: Introduction & Review Activities

MyPlate Nutrition: An Introduction & Review Activities This Power Point Presentation is an introduction to MyPlate for preschool, kindergarten, & first grade. It explains the purpose of MyPlate, each of the food groups (servings, what foods belong in each group, benefits), and includes interactive review slides for each food group which test students’ understanding by […]