How to Set Up a Fun End of the Year Escape Room for Kindergarten – First Grade

how to set up a fun end of the year escape room

It can be tough to keep young students engaged as the school year winds down, but an end of the year escape room activity can be just the ticket! The hands-on, interactive challenge will stimulate their imaginations and keep them entertained while they work together to review and reinforce what they’ve learned throughout the year. […]

Free March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Calendar & Weather Activity

March weather activity lion and lamb free

Free March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Calendar & Weather Activity My students always enjoy this calendar activity! I hope yours will too! Does the saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” hold true this year? Find out by keeping track of lion days (cold, winter-like […]

Tips for Using a Sound Wall in Kindergarten, Early Elementary Grades

Tips for Using a Sound Wall in Kindergarten

In my last post I shared tips on setting up a sound wall in your kindergarten or early elementary classroom. Now, it’s time to talk about ideas for using your sound wall. A sound wall is a valuable teaching tool that helps students connect speech to print and build the phoneme-grapheme correspondence needed for decoding […]

How to Set Up a Sound Wall in Kindergarten, Early Elementary

How to set up a sound wall in classroom vowel valley consonants

If you are a kindergarten or early elementary teacher and have been considering using a sound wall in your classroom but are not sure if it will work or how and where to set it up, this post will offer some helpful suggestions and options as well as some useful resources. What is a sound […]

Presidents Day George Washington Abraham Lincoln Crafts, Activities, Books

Presidents Day Crafts George Washington Abraham Lincoln Activities

To help make your Presidents Day more fun and engaging, I’m sharing some favorite learning activities that young students have loved over the years. They should help make prepping for Presidents Day a little easier! George Washington & Abraham Lincoln Activities We usually start off our Presidents Day unit by discussing George Washington and Abraham […]

How to Set Up a Fun Winter Themed Escape Room for Young Students

how to set up a winter escape room for young students

The winter months can be hard for young students (and teachers) when outdoor recess is limited and the holidays are over. This is why I like to add something different and exciting to our lessons. I started creating escape rooms for kindergarten after doing a few with my family and having such a great time […]

Christmas Cookie Sorting Activity for Beginning & Ending Sounds

Young students get soooo excited about the holidays so I like to harness some of that energy for learning activities. If an activity has a fun Christmas theme, they are in! As you may already know, I love using sorting activities in the classroom. Young students have a natural instinct to make sense of the […]

A Sneaky Way to Teach Students about St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day PowerPoint presentation

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with young students!  Those tricky leprechauns are always “visiting” our classroom creating some sort of hijinks! But I also like students to know about the origin of the holiday and how it came to be celebrated here in America,  so I use some of the “leprechaun lore” to motivate […]

New Year Craftivity

New Year bulletin board and craftivity

The first day back to school after winter break I always like to talk to the students about the new year.  During morning meeting we discuss how the date has changed to incorporate not only a new month but a new year. Then we talk about how sometimes people reflect back on the previous year.  I […]