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Fun Christmas Classroom Games

These are some of my favorite classroom games that can be played during your classroom Christmas party or anytime prior to Christmas break.

Christmas Roll & Cover

This is a fun game that students love playing that reviews number skills. It can be easily differentiated to review counting or addition skills by changing the numbers used.

I use holiday pictures such as Santa Clause and gingerbread men.

Write numbers on the pictures.  I make two sets (one with numbers 1-6 for counting/subitizing practice and one with numbers 7-12 for addition practice).

Students use 1 die for counting/subitizing number practice. They roll the die and cover the correct number.  The student who covers all their numbers first is the winner.

We use cotton balls to cover Santa’s beard (you could also use mini marshmallows).

Christmas classroom game

Students use 2 dice for addition practice. They add the 2 numbers together and cover the correct number.

We use bingo dabbers to cover our gingerbread men.

Christmas classroom game

If you would like to use my Santa Clause and gingerbread men printables click here for the free downloads.

Silver Bells Memory Game

I love this Silver Bell Memory Game by I Can Teach My Child.  You simply put dot stickers on the bottom of Hershey Kisses for a fun and festive matching or memory game.  I used it to practice uppercase and lowercase letters (students had to match an uppercase letter with a lowercase letter).


Fishing for Candy Canes

This is a fun party station that students love!  Make a simple fishing rod with a stick or dowel rod and tie a candy cane to the line as a hook.  Place some candy canes in a mug along with some cotton balls.  Students must use the fishing rod to hook another candy cane.  You can make it more challenging by requiring them to try and hook all the candy canes in the mug.

Optional: Several students can play against each other to see who hooks their candy cane or canes first.

Minute to Win It Games

These Minute to Win It Winter Games from Third Grade Thinkers are snoooow much fun!

Snowball Toss – students toss mini marshmallows to their partner who is holding a cup.

snowball toss classroom Christmas game

Stacking Snowmen – students build as many snowmen as they can in a minute with the mini marshmallows.

snowman building Christmas classroom game

Shovel the snow – students have to put the pile of the snowballs (mini marshmellows again) into the cup using a straw.

snow shovel Christmas game

Christmas Bingo

My young students LOVE bingo so I created this festive version. It can be played similar to regular bingo or we play that you have to cover up your entire card to win (this way everyone wins at the same time and gets a prize – they usually get to eat the candy they used as markers).

I make it a learning game by asking review questions prior to pulling out a calling card. Someone in the class must answer the question correctly before students are allowed to mark the space on their cards. Even the students who do not answer the questions get a review by hearing the answers.

Another version we play is students have to name the beginning sound of the picture prior to marking their cards.

I usually use Christmas M&Ms for “special markers” and then allow students to eat them after they win.  You can also use bingo dabbers, holiday erasers, jingle bells, cotton balls, mini marshmallows, etc.

Click here to access the free Christmas Bingo downloads to use in your classroom.

Snowball Fight

You can have a good, old-fashioned snowball fight using crumbled up pieces of paper with sight words, math problems, or questions written on them.

Students can break into 2 teams.  Teams stand opposite each other and on your signal throw the snowballs at the opposing team.  If a students gets hit with a snowball, they must open up the snowball and answer the question correctly in order to stay in the game.  Play continues for a specified amount of time.

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Christmas classroom games

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