Back to School Activities & Classroom Decor Dog Theme (Editable)

Dog Themed Back to School Activities & Class Decor

I have decided to share my favorite back to school theme – DOGS!  The editable classroom decor and fun first week of school activities are designed to save you prep time during the hectic first weeks of school and create a welcoming environment for your new students.


Editable Dog Name Tags and Desk Nameplates

Name tags and labels are always the first things I prepare once I get my class list.  Young students love finding and seeing their names when they enter their new classroom.  Now that I have these editable templates it doesn’t take long at all to create adorable tags for my students and the best part is I have them to use year after year. No more trying to find them online or in a store and worrying about how many packs I will need – I can print as many as I need whenever I need them.  Personally I like to hand write the names but you can choose to enter student names in the template and print them out.  These cute name tags and name plates have a variety of uses in the classroom.  You can use the tags as name tags, cubby tags, game pieces, labels for centers, etc.  The larger deskplates can be used as name plates for desks, locker tags, center signs, etc.

name tags desk nameplates dog nametags, deskplates

Welcome Bulletin Board – No Bones About It! We’re Going to Have a Good Year!

Having a cute welcome display that features students’ names not only creates a nice classroom environment but also makes students feel like they belong.  Students love seeing their names displayed and it helps with name recognition skills as well. Simply print out the dog and bone patterns (names can be typed or hand-written, bones are editable) and hang the student bones around the dog with the title “No Bones About It! We’re Going to Have a Good Year!”.   I have placed this display on my door and on my front bulletin board.Dog Welcome to School Classroom display

welcome bulletin board welcome bulletin board

Editable Dog Welcome Letter & Student Gift

My students always love receiving welcome to my class letters.  It helps make them feel more at ease on the first day of school.  These cute welcome letters come in color and black and white (can be printed on colored paper) and have the text I have used with my students and they are also completely editable (all the text can be easily changed to fit your needs).

welcome to my class letter

Another thing that I’ve found which eases first day or meet the teacher jitters is giving students a little treat bag either on the first day of school and / or at Open House/Meet the Teacher Night.  These are very simple and inexpensive to create.  Simply fill a baggie with Scooby Doo Graham Cracker Sticks (they resemble dog bones) and attach one of the included tags or attach a tag to small snack bags of the Scooby Doo Graham Cracker Sticks.  There are 3 tags from which to choose: an editable tag that you can add student names and/or your name and 2 different tags that can be left plain or names can be hand written or signed.

dog back to school student gift first day of school treat

First Day of School Awards

It’s also nice to give students a “paws”itive note or award at the end of their first day.  Print these adorable student awards for your students to show them that it was a “dog gone good” first day.  They come in both color and black and white and the name field is editable, names can be typed or hand written.

first day of school awards  first day of school awards dog theme

“Paws”itively Great Classroom Helpers Display

Classroom jobs have the benefit of giving students responsibilities as well as a sense of ownership of the classroom.  You can easily create an eye-catching classroom helpers display with the included title, 16 pre-made classroom job headers (calendar helper, weather reporter, technology helper, class messenger, door holder, flag holder, lights helper, line leader, lunch helper, paper helper, library helper, plant helper, class pet helper, table washer, chair stacker, snack helper), editable headers that can be customized for your class jobs, paw prints in 7 different colors for students’ names (name field is editable, student names can be typed or hand written).  Display on a wall or bulletin board near your morning meeting or circle time area and rotate the paws daily.

classroom helpers dog classroom helpers class decor

Top Dog of the Week (Student of the Week)

Get to know your students and help students get to know one another with this Top Dog of the Week display.  The parent letter (editable) and student response form (editable) are included as well as the title, 6 pre-made headers (My favorite food, My favorite color, I like to, My family, My favorite toy, My birthday), and editable headers that can be customized to fit your needs and used for student responses.

student of the week student of the week class decor top dog of the week

First Day of School/First Week of School Activities

Planning for the first week of school will not be as “ruff” because you will receive a variety of activities as well as a craftivity and student-made dog classroom display. I always like having our activities coordinate with our classroom theme.

– Class rules activity – includes printable paw prints in 6 different colors

– Getting to know you rhyming and creative writing activity – includes printable page

– Doggy, Doggy Where’s Your Bone? name game with printable bone

– Sniff It Out Scavenger Hunt activity with printable page – you can edit the text and pictures to fit your classroom

– Where, Oh Where Has Our Little Dog Gone? activity and printable page for introducing students to other staff members in your school

– Additional suggestions and ideas for your classroom

– Classroom display and craftivity with printable patterns

The Dog Days of Summer bulletin board display


first day of school activities

dog paw printIf you would like the above dog classroom decor as well as the back to school activities for your new “pack” of students CLICK HEREdog paw print

dog back to school classroom decorations and activities

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