Preschool, Pre-K, Pre-Kindergarten Diplomas, Certificates, Graduation Invitations

NEW! Preschool, Pre-K, Pre-Kindergarten Diplomas, Certificates, Graduation Invitations

preschool, pre-k, pre-kindergarten diploma, certificate, graduation invitation

These editable diplomas were created to save teachers and schools money and time. The end of the school year is always so hectic and having to order diplomas and worrying about how many packs to purchase or if they were in stock was always a headache.  With these digital diplomas you will have peace of mind every school year knowing they are always “in stock” and you can print an unlimited number of copies and edit them as you wish.  You will also have 3 different designs and versions (preschool, pre-kindergarten, & pre-k) from which to choose so you can switch them out year to year or use different versions for each class.

I also wanted invitations that would be sure to catch parents’ attention and not get thrown away which is why I included a personalized version.  Every year I put up a “Grinning Graduates” bulletin board with student-drawn portraits with graduation hats and the parents LOVE it and get very sentimental seeing their children with graduation hats on their heads.  This sparked the idea of allowing the students to draw themselves as graduates on the invitations so not only would they catch parents’ attention but they would have a nice personalized keepsake in addition to the diploma.  It has been a big hit with both students and parents so I wanted to share it and include it in this pack along with regular invitations that can be emailed or handed out.

This pack includes editable Preschool, Pre-K, & Pre-Kindergarten diplomas, certificates, and graduation invitations. You receive 3 designs, general and personalized graduation invitations, color and no color backgrounds (the no color background versions can be printed on colored paper to save ink). You can choose to add student name, school, and invitation details prior to printing or simply print and write the information.

Each of the 3 designs includes:
– diplomas or certificates for preschool, pre-k, and pre-kindergarten

preschool diploma, pre-k diploma, pre-kindergarten diploma

– general graduation invitations for preschool, pre-k, and pre-kindergarten

preschool graduation invitations

– personalized graduation invitations for preschool, pre-k, & pre-kindergarten that allow students to draw themselves as graduates – a cute keepsake for parents

preschool graduation invitations personalized

– both colored background and no color background versions for preschool, pre-k, and pre-kindergarten

Preschool Diplomas, Certificates, Graduation Invitations, End of the Year Celebration

The colorful and cute designs provide a lasting keepsake!

A certificate of completion / end of the year celebration version is included for schools that are not having a graduation celebration and/or for students who are “moving up”, not graduating.

Preschool Certificates and End of the Year Celebration Invitations

Each color version also has a blank background version that can be printed on colored paper to save ink.

*Please note that only the wording is editable. The design and images of the diplomas, certificates, and invitations can not be changed or altered.

Read what other teachers have said about these diplomas:

  • On  December 4, 2015,  Angela M A. said:
    It saved me money and time. Thanks.
  • On  July 18, 2015,  Sandra L. said:
    Loved this product !!!
  • On  June 22, 2015,  Arlene W. said:
    Will get much use out of it.
  • On  May 14, 2015,  Kim B. said:
    Perfect!! Thank you!!
  • On  May 20, 2015,  Laura L. said:
    Great options. Thank you
  • On  September 28, 2015,  Colleen P. said:
    Very easy to use!

Purchase these Preschool Diplomas & Invitations here.

I also have a religious version of the diplomas & invitations for Christian schools here.

View my entire collection of diplomas here.


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