The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Christian Activities, Printable Book

The Colors of Easter jelly bean poem

The Colors of Easter Poem is one of my favorite ways to relate the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus to the colors of jelly beans. Students always love it! Here are some of the activities we do to supplement it.

Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Student-Made Book

The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Student book

When creating their student-made books, students read and review the poem, trace the color words, and color the jelly beans the appropriate colors. This gives the students a hand-made keepsake and reminder of the poem and its story.

Around the Room Activity

We do a fun around the room activity that helps students review and reinforce the symbols for each jelly bean color as well as the order of events in the poem. It also helps them work on recognizing, reading, and writing color words, counting, matching, and writing numbers.

I put the jelly bean cards around the room. Students find a jelly bean for each symbol on their recording sheets, write the color of the jelly bean, and count the number of crosses and write the number.

Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Around the Room Activity

Classroom Display of the Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem

We also make a classroom display that gives students a colorful visual to remind them of The Colors of Easter poem.   Students paint jelly beans using condensed milk paint (add 2 drops of food coloring to a small amount of condensed milk) which gives them a shiny, glossy appearance resembling real jelly beans.  These jelly beans are then hung around a printable version of the poem.


You can download these activities for The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean poem here.

Activities for the Jelly Bean Easter Poem


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