Resurrection Eggs Christian Easter Activities

Resurrection Eggs Christian Easter Activities

Resurrection Eggs Christian Easter Activities

I love using Resurrection Eggs to tell the Easter story.  They keep students engaged and interested.

I created a few activities that reinforce and review the Easter story as told with Resurrection Eggs since students like them so much. Activities include an around the room Resurrection Egg hunt, a printable student-made book, and a cut and paste activity.

Resurrection Eggs student-made book

My Resurrection Eggs printable book – Students cut out a page for each egg along with 12 symbols. For each page, students read the passage, trace the symbol word, and glue the appropriate symbol on the page. This provides students with a nice, hand-made keepsake of the Easter story.

Resurrection Eggs cut and paste activity

Cut and Paste Activity – This can be done in conjunction with telling the story with the Resurrection Eggs or afterwards as a review. Students cut out the symbols along the bottom of the page and glue them on the correct numbered egg. Students can then retell the story in their own words using the sheet as a guide.


Resurrection Egg Hunt – Hang the printable eggs around the room. Provide each student with an activity sheet. Students search around the room for each numbered egg on their sheet and circle the correct symbol for each egg.

Resurrection Eggs Around the Room Activity

I realize that there are different Resurrection Egg kits available. I based this packet on the kit that I use which has the following symbols:

silver coin
praying hands
crown of thorns
white cloth
empty egg

These activities can be used in Christian schools, Sunday school programs, CCD, or at home.

Get my Resurrection Eggs Activities here.

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