How to Set Up a Fun Winter Themed Escape Room for Young Students

how to set up a winter escape room for young students

The winter months can be hard for young students (and teachers) when outdoor recess is limited and the holidays are over. This is why I like to add something different and exciting to our lessons. I started creating escape rooms for kindergarten after doing a few with my family and having such a great time […]

Winter Digital Activities & Freebies

digital practice for Google Slides & Boom Cards

I don’t know about you, but I always like my learning activities to reflect either the current season or our theme. It helps the students stay excited about learning and just makes it more fun. Fun Independent Practice Now that there is an increasing need for digital activities, I decided to create some winter-themed skill […]

Snow Science Experiments

We got our first real snowfalls of the year this past week.  Young students get so excited about snow, so I decided to harness that enthusiasm and have some fun in the snow while incorporating science, math, and language arts. Catching Snowflakes If you are lucky enough to have it snow while you are in […]

Snowflake Science, Snowflake Classroom Display

We are unique as snowflakes class display

No two snowflakes are alike. Science Exploration Explain to students that back in the late 1800’s Wilson Bentley was the first to photograph snowflakes by attaching a camera to a microscope. After taking many pictures of snowflakes he coined the phrase “no two snowflakes are alike”.  A good book to read is Snowflake Bentley. It […]

Teaching the Signs of the Winter Season

signs of the winter season class book

Teaching the Signs of the Winter Season I can’t believe it is time to start talking about winter already! This year has really flown by!  When discussing the different seasons of the year I like to use real photographs to which the students can relate and go out and explore their own environment as much as […]

Signs of the Four Seasons Bundle Pack (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

Signs of the Four Seasons Bundle Pack (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) Grade Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade Save money with this bundle pack! It includes all four signs of the seasons PowerPoint presentations (fall, spring, summer, winter). Each PowerPoint presentation explains the season in simple terms using real, full-color photographs. Each presentation also includes slides […]

Catching Snowflakes Experiment

Is it true that no two snowflakes are alike?  Find out by putting pieces of black construction paper in the freezer overnight.  On a snowy day take the frozen pieces of paper outside and catch snowflakes on them.  Look at the snowflakes through a magnifying glass. You may also like: Snow Science Experiments and STEM

Igloo Making Activity

Here is a fun way to make igloos with your students.  You will need a couple bags of ice along with a few buckets of snow.  Allow the students to create igloos with the ice cubes using the snow to hold the ice cubes together.  You may want to have the students bring mittens or […]

Mitten Activities, Games, & Art for the book The Mitten

mitten ice cube races

I have more than your hands covered when planning a mitten day for your classroom lol!  Here are my favorite learning activities for a fun and n”ice” mitten day! Plan a Mitten Day where all the children wear their mittens to school (if possible bring extra pairs of mittens in case children forget or do not have mittens). […]

Hibernation Activities, Craft, Games, Songs, & Books

It is snowing & cold here today which is making us want to stay in and hibernate so I thought I would post some favorite hibernation classroom activities, games, books, songs, and crafts. Pajama Day A great way to culminate your unit on hibernation is to have a Pajama Day!  Children (and teachers) wear their […]