Science & STEM Ideas for the Entire Year

science & STEM ideas for the year

I love incorporating science experiments and STEM challenges into my lessons!  They are so engaging and meaningful for my students and thus create a love and excitement for learning.  In addition, my students’ are applying problem-solving and critical thinking skills as well as math and literacy skills as they observe, record, reflect, and write about […]

Sun Science Experiments & Book Suggestions

sun science experiments STEM for kids

The end of the school year signals the beginning of summer for many students.  This is the perfect time of year to teach about the sun and have some “fun in the sun” performing learning activities outdoors! These hands-on activities are perfect for keeping young students engaged and learning those last few days/weeks of school. […]

Valentine Science & STEM

valentine science & STEM

Since young students tend to get extra excited and lose focus the days preceding a holiday class party, I like incorporating science because it almost instantly gets their attention and it is hands-on and engaging. They don’t even realize they’re learning most of the time! In this post I’m sharing some favorite valentine themed science […]

Christmas Science Experiments & STEM Challenges

Christmas science experiments

Keeping young students’ attention the weeks/days preceding Christmas can be a challenge which is why I like to incorporate engaging, hands-on science activities that grab students’ interest and keep them focused on learning. In this post I am sharing my favorite Christmas science experiments and activities. They are easy to set up and require simple […]

STEM Toys for Children Ages 4-8

During this time of year I am often asked by parents for Christmas gift recommendations for their children.  Since students LOVE doing STEM projects and science, technology, engineering, and math concepts are a vital part of their learning development, I put a list together of the STEM toys that I feel are appropriate for children […]