Free March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Calendar & Weather Activity

March weather activity lion and lamb free

Free March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Calendar & Weather Activity My students always enjoy this calendar activity! I hope yours will too! Does the saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” hold true this year? Find out by keeping track of lion days (cold, winter-like […]

Fun Fall Numbers to 20 Activities (Differentiated) Plus a Free File

Fall Numbers 1-20 Activities Differentiated

Building a love of math plus strong number sense is so important in the younger grades. It is the foundation students need for being able to understand more advanced mathematical concepts. In order to build strong number sense, young children need a lot of hands-on practice. When we first begin working on number sense, we […]

Name Recognition & Name Writing Activities

name recognition activity

One of the first skills we work on during the first few weeks of school is name recognition. While some young learners come to school able to recognize their name in print, many can not.  Here are a few of the ways I help my students learn their names. Find Their Names Around the Room […]

Christmas Cookie Sorting Activity for Beginning & Ending Sounds

Young students get soooo excited about the holidays so I like to harness some of that energy for learning activities. If an activity has a fun Christmas theme, they are in! As you may already know, I love using sorting activities in the classroom. Young students have a natural instinct to make sense of the […]

Differentiated Pumpkin Patch Counting & Skip Counting Practice

Pumpkin patches are so much fun! The games, the food, the learning. Yep, I said learning. There are so many things that your students can learn at the pumpkin patch. And the best part is, you don’t have to make a daily trip to the actual patch to have some of the fun. You can […]

Differentiated & Engaging Apple Themed Learning Activities, Centers

apple math game

Almost September already! Can you believe that September is almost here? I can almost feel the change in the weather and the crisper mornings. I am excited about the activities that I get to do with my students in the coming days. With Johnny Appleseed’s birthday being a culminating event on the 26th I spend […]

Engaging Ways to Practice & Assess Alphabet Letters & Sounds

alphabet magnetic letters beginning sounds, letter sounds practice and assessment

One of the first skills that I assess for my pre-k and kindergarten students is their letter knowledge.  Some students come to school already knowing all 26 letters and their sounds, some know a few – like the letters in their names, others don’t have any prior knowledge at all.  I have to pre-assess each […]

Free Wind Experiments, Activities, and Book List

wind activities, experiments, and book list

Wind Experiments, Activities, and Book List March is the perfect month to do a learning unit on wind.  Here are some suggested activities along with a book list. Can you see or capture wind? Have children look out the window or turn on a fan.  Ask the children if they can see wind.  How do […]

A Sneaky Way to Teach Students about St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day PowerPoint presentation

I love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with young students!  Those tricky leprechauns are always “visiting” our classroom creating some sort of hijinks! But I also like students to know about the origin of the holiday and how it came to be celebrated here in America,  so I use some of the “leprechaun lore” to motivate […]