Using the Sensory Bin for Thanksgiving Math and Literacy

Thanksgiving sensory bin activities

I normally use our sensory bin/table for isolated learning experiences such as a dinosaur dig or digging for letter C clams or just have it open for exploratory and sensory experiences.  But after seeing how much fun students had at the school’s hoedown digging through straw for prizes I decided to try straw in the […]

Spotlight Saturday: Seasonal Counting & Numbers Pages and Center Mats

I’m participating in Kindergarten Dragon‘s weekly link-up – Spotlight Saturday where you showcase a useful product.  I’ve chosen my Seasonal Counting and Number Pages & Mats because it is very important for students in pre-k and kindergarten to have a strong foundation in counting & numbers prior to moving on to first grade where the counting […]

Signs of the Four Seasons Bundle Pack (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall)

Signs of the Four Seasons Bundle Pack (Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall) Grade Level: Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade Save money with this bundle pack! It includes all four signs of the seasons PowerPoint presentations (fall, spring, summer, winter). Each PowerPoint presentation explains the season in simple terms using real, full-color photographs. Each presentation also includes slides […]

Brush Up on Beginning Letter Sounds Interactive PowerPoint

Brush Up on Beginning Letter Sounds Interactive PowerPoint Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten Assess or review beginning letter sounds with this fun, interactive PowerPoint presentation. It is similar in nature to Pictionary, but instead of guessing words the students guess the beginning letter sound. For each slide, a girl “paints” and names 3 pictures on […]

MyPlate Nutrition: Introduction & Review Activities

MyPlate Nutrition: An Introduction & Review Activities This Power Point Presentation is an introduction to MyPlate for preschool, kindergarten, & first grade. It explains the purpose of MyPlate, each of the food groups (servings, what foods belong in each group, benefits), and includes interactive review slides for each food group which test students’ understanding by […]