Digital Valentine Cards with Student Photos

Valentine's Day Cards digital

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I needed to create a type of valentine that could be completed quickly and sent to parents easily. I had created digital cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as Christmas and they turned out to be huge hits with the parents, so I decided to go with what works for Valentine’s […]

How to Use Boom Cards & Google Slides in Zoom or Google Meet

request remote control access of a student's shared screen in Zoom Meeting

Since many teachers are starting the year virtually or in a hybrid situation, I have received many questions about how to use Boom Cards and Google Slides during a Zoom Meeting or Google Meet session. There are several options for using these interactive resources during online meetings. 1. Share Your Screen, Teacher Has Control The […]

How to Assign Only Part of a Google Slides File to Students

So you purchased or found a great Google Slides resource but only want to assign a few of the slides to students. What do you do? The solution is actually quite simple and I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you to show you how to assign part of a Google Slides resource. Open […]

Easy Mother’s Day Cards that Use Students’ Photos

Mother's Day Cards for Distance Learning

From Classroom to Keepsake: How to Turn Your Students’ Photos into Stunning Mother’s Day Cards With technology making it so easy to take and use student photos for projects, I was looking for a unique and sentimental way to use them for our Mother’s Day cards. I came up with some creative ways to incorporate […]

Convert PDF Files for Digital Distance Learning

How to Use PDF Files for Distance Learning

We have all had to abruptly change our teaching styles to distance learning with little or no notice. It has been very challenging! If you have PDF files/resources that you usually copy at school and use in the classroom, you may still be able to use them in your distance learning with a little modification. […]

How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

I have received many questions on whether Boom Cards can be used with Google Classroom, so I decided to create a post and let you know the answer is YES! You can assign Boom Cards to your students in Google Classroom using links. It is important to note that Boom Cards can not be played […]

Activities that Build Student Independence & Confidence (freebies included)

One of my biggest struggles as a teacher is finding ways to keep other students engaged and learning while I am working with small groups. My young students are not always able to work independently without direct instruction or feedback from me, but I have to do small groups/centers in order to give all of […]