St. Patrick’s Day CVC Word Riddles

St. Patrick's Day riddle CVC words

The tricky leprechaun left us some riddles to solve but alas, the answers are in code. But wait – he hid clues to the answers around the room! It looks like to solve the clues we must know our CVC words.  Find each clue, figure out the missing letter in the CVC word, use the […]

Christmas Tree CVC Words

Christmas Tree CVC I needed a fun, interactive, and meaningful way to practice CVC words during the holiday season because as we all know students are excited and have limited focus around the Christmas season.  I came up with Christmas Tree CVC.  With Christmas Tree CVC you receive 3 different types of activities for practicing […]

Thanksgiving Turkey Common Core Literacy Center for Letters, Alphabet, Words

Thanksgiving turkey literacy center

Use this Thanksgiving turkey literacy center to practice letter recognition (all uppercase & lowercase letters), matching uppercase letters with lowercase letters, letter sounds (phonics), spelling and reading cvc words, to decorate Thanksgiving bulletin boards, and more. Blank feathers are included which allow you to customize the center to your students’ needs. This Thanksgiving Turkey Literacy […]