St. Patrick’s Day CVC Word Riddles

St. Patrick's Day riddle CVC words

The tricky leprechaun left us some riddles to solve but alas, the answers are in code. But wait – he hid clues to the answers around the room! It looks like to solve the clues we must know our CVC words.  Find each clue, figure out the missing letter in the CVC word, use the […]

Differentiated Spring Addition & Subtraction Around the Room Activity and Center

Differentiated addition practice, around the room (SCOOT)

Differentiated Addition & Subtraction Practice This activity was created to address 2 issues I was having with my kinders – restlessness (spring fever) and differing ability levels with addition and subtraction. Making it an around the room or SCOOT activity allowed my students to get up out of their seats and “buzz” around to find the […]