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Ocean Crafts (Octopus, Starfish) that are Fun & Simple

One of my favorite themes to do in the summer is an ocean theme! Probably because it is my number one vacation destination lol.

These are 2 crafts that are fun for children to create and require very simple prep (yay!). If you’d really like to save time, you can grab the free patterns for them here.

They both use Cheerios cereal (or any kind of Toasted O’s cereal) which we all know young kids love because they get to eat as well as create!

3 Octopus Crafts that Use Cheerios Cereal

I have used 3 different octopus crafts over the years with different groups of children and they have all turned out cute.

Octopus Pattern

I used this one during summer camp with a group of children that ranged in age from 5-7. The octopus pattern requires fairly good cutting skills.

Print an octopus pattern onto colored paper of your choosing or onto white paper and have students color or paint it.

Students cut out the octopus pattern and glue Cheerios cereal onto the legs to resemble tentacles.
Optional: They can glue them onto blue paper to resemble the ocean.

ocean craft octopus pattern & Cheerios cereal

Circle Octopus Body and Rectangle Legs

This version is easier for younger students to cut out. The octopus body is a circle and the legs are rectangular strips. You can also use a cupcake liner for the octopus body.

Make an octopus by gluing the parts onto a blue piece of paper and then gluing Cheerios cereal on the legs to resemble tentacles.

Optional: Students can draw waves or ocean objects around the octopus and glue on wiggly eyes.

octopus craft using Cheerios cereal

Letter O Body and Rectangle Legs

I have used this version when teaching the letter O. It is similar to the version above except the octopus body looks like an O to remind students that octopus begins with O.

Cut out the pieces and glue them on a piece of blue construction paper to resemble an octopus. Then, glue Cheerios cereal on the legs.

Optional: Students can draw waves or ocean objects around the octopus and glue on wiggly eyes.

octopus craft for letter O

Starfish Craft with Cheerios Cereal

This cute and simple craft can be done during your ocean theme or while learning about shapes.

Children simply cut out a star shape and decorate it with Cheerios cereal.

starfish ocean craft with Cheerios cereal

Glitter or sand can also be glued on to give it texture.

starfish ocean craft with Cheerios cereal and glitter

If you would like the free printable patterns for these ocean crafts to use with your students or children, CLICK HERE.

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Ocean Crafts with Free Patterns

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