Mother’s Day Crafts & Gifts for Muffins with Mom

Muffins with Mom Craft Mother's Day Gift

Muffins with Mom is always such a joyful and well-deserved celebration for our classroom moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters, etc., I just wish it wasn’t at such a busy time of the year lol. With end of the year testing, graduation program preparations, conferences, etc. it can be a little overwhelming to plan a nice presentation for them.

I wanted something student-created and cute waiting for our guests when they arrived, so I came up with these muffin crafts. They don’t have a lot of pieces so they are easy to prep and create, yet they look adorable (win!).

Students cut out the 3 pieces (a heart, a muffin top, and a muffin liner), glue them together, and personalize them. Super simple! I like to let the students color the muffin to look like their mom’s favorite (or what they think is their favorite), but they can also be printed onto colored paper to save time.

I love using student photos on gifts as special keepsakes for the parents since taking photos is soooo much easier nowadays than in the past.

There are two different sayings from which the students can choose and they can also decide whether they want their pictures on the heart or the muffin liner. I like giving them choice because it makes the craft more personalized and it makes the students feel like they had some control over what it looks like.

Muffins with Moms Mothers Day Craft
Muffins with Mom Mothers Day craft

Since my young students are better at writing by this time of year, I like to have them write about their moms. It is always the highlight of the celebration for the moms when they read and share with one another what was written about them.

I combined writing with their gift to save time instead of trying to do 2 separate projects and it turned out very cute! Students created flowers and wrote reasons why they love their moms, grandmas, aunts, guardians, etc. on the petals.

Students cut out the flower, stem, and leaves patterns and glue them to the background page. The petals and leaves are heart-shaped to make them even more “love”ly.

Mothers Day Craft flower

We have also done them without student photos since the writing is the main focus of the gift.

Mother's Day Craft Gift

If you would like to save time during this hectic time of year, I have shared all of the printable patterns and step-by-step instructions for these Mother’s Day crafts on my TPT store. Click here to see more details and samples of the patterns.

Mothers Day Crafts Muffins with Mom Craft

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