How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

I have received many questions on whether Boom Cards can be used with Google Classroom, so I decided to create a post and let you know the answer is YES!

You can assign Boom Cards to your students in Google Classroom using links. It is important to note that Boom Cards can not be played in Google Classroom. Students must click a link that takes them to Boom Learning where they securely and safely play the cards.

There are 2 different ways that you can assign Boom Card decks in Google Classroom:

  1. Fast Pin Link – requires no student log-in, does not generate student reports, link expires after 14 or 5 days.
  2. Hyperplay Link – requires students to log-in, generates student reports

Fast Pin Link Instructions

This is a good option to use if you just want students to practice a skill using a Boom Card deck and you do not wish to have any type of assessment record of their progress. It is a quick way to get students playing.

Fast pins do NOT require students to log in to a Boom Learning account.

You will NOT receive individual student reports.

Fast pins expire in 14 days for premium accounts and in 5 days for free accounts. (Please Note: In the video tutorial I say the links are valid for 14 days because I have a premium Boom account. If you have a free account, your link will only be valid for 5 days).

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how to assign a Boom Card deck in Google Classroom using a fast pin link.

Since you do NOT receive student reports using Fast Pin links, you will not be able to see students’ scores or know if students have completed the Boom Cards in Boom Learning. However, there is a way around this that will hold students accountable for completing the deck. Require students to take a screenshot or picture of their screen when they reach the end of the deck and send it to you via Google Classroom. The screen shows that they reached the end of play and also shows their score. Here is an example screenshot:

using Boom Cards in Seesaw

Hyperplay Link Instructions

To use this option you will need a Boom Learning account and you will have to set up a classroom for your students. This video tutorial walks you through the steps of setting up your classroom and student accounts or you can also click this link for printed instructions.

After setting up your classroom in Boom, you need to assign the Boom Card deck to your classroom in Boom Learning.
Go to your Library. Find the deck you wish to assign. Click the blue Action button and select Assign.

How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

Then click in the box to assign it to your class.

How to Use Boom Cards in Google Classroom

Hyperplay links require students to log-in prior to playing the deck.

You will receive student progress and performance reports for assessment.

Watch this quick video tutorial to see how to assign a Boom Card deck in Google Classroom using a Hyperplay link.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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  1. Thank you! This was so helpful because I wasn’t sure I would be able to assign these task cards in GC.

  2. How do I use the Boom Cards to play an interactive game with my classroom during a Google Meet?

    1. Hi Carol! Share your screen with students and use the Boom Card Deck’s Fast Pin link to play the game together as a class.

  3. I assigned a deck of boom cards to three classes using the hyperplay link, but only one class shows a report of their scores.

  4. Hi Sandy! What membership level do you have? That will determine how many classes you can have and also how many students (how many student reports you can view). If that is not the issue, please contact Boom Learning support – they are wonderful and very helpful!

  5. I purchased the $30 subscription. The power plus. I used them earlier and got reports on all of my classes, but on Friday only 1 class had a report. Sorry to bother you with this.

    1. No problem! Maybe the Boom Learning site was having an issue on Friday. Hopefully it is fixed or tech support can provide assistance.

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