Two Simple Apple Crafts for Developing Fine Motor Skills

Here are 2 simple apple crafts that help young students develop fine motor skills. They require students to cut with scissors, tear paper, glue, and write/draw which are good fine motor skills to practice during September or the beginning of the school year when you may be doing your apple theme.

The free patterns for these two apple crafts were included in my free newsletter. If you would like the free printable apple craft patterns plus a free apple science activity and more, CLICK HERE.

apple crafts that help build fine motor skills

“Love you to the core!” Apple Craft

apple craft

This is an adorable craft that students can make for Grandparents Day or during your apple theme. I like to use real photos but you can also have students draw their picture on the apple.

Materials Needed:
Red, green, & brown construction paper
Printable apple and leaf patterns
Pictures of students
Pencils, crayons, or markers

Print the apple patterns on red and/or green construction paper.

Print the leaf patterns on green construction paper.  Cut apart the leaves, one for each student.

apple craft leaf patterns

Give each student an apple pattern, a leaf pattern, their picture, and a small  piece of brown construction paper. Have them cut out the apple and leaf patterns and cut or tear a rectangle or stem shape from the brown construction paper.

Have each student glue their picture on the apple (or draw their picture) and write their names on either the apple or the leaf.  Then, glue the stem and leaf on the apple.

Optional: Students can write additional words and/or draw pictures on the apple around their picture or on the back.

apple craft love you to the core
apple craft

Apple Suncatchers

apple suncatchers craft on window

You can choose to use Contact Paper for the center of the apple suncatcher OR wax paper.

Materials Needed:
Apple outlines
Contact Paper OR wax paper
Tissue paper (green and red)
Paintbrushes (wax paper option)

Cut small green and red tissue paper squares OR have students cut or tear the tissue paper into squares themselves (great fine motor skills practice!).

apple craft suncatcher tissue paper squares

Glue the apple outlines on the wax paper OR place the apple outlines on the Contact Paper, sticky side up (you want the middle of the apple to be sticky).

Cut out around the outside of the apple.

Have students write their names on the apple outlines and then place tissue paper squares in the middle of the apple and leaf. They can choose to use one color or combine the colors.

If using wax paper, give students watered down glue and paintbrushes. Students paint a little section of the wax paper with the watered down glue. Then, place tissue paper squares on the glue. Students continue until the apple and leaf are filled.  They can choose to use one color or combine the colors.

apple suncatcher craft using wax paper

Hang the apple suncatchers on a sunny window.

apple suncatchers craft on window

If you would like the free patterns for these 2 apple crafts, CLICK HERE.

apple crafts with free printable patterns

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