Domino Number Bonds Activity & Freebie

Here is a simple, fun way to practice number bonds in your math groups – use dominoes! Not only do students love using the dominoes, but they also get practice with subitizing, counting, and addition as well as number bonds.

Students place dominoes on their sheets (I place the sheets in page protectors and re-use to save ink), count the dots, and write the number bonds.

If you would like to use the Domino Number Bonds page with your students, CLICK HERE to download the freebie.

Domino Number Bonds

Don’t have dominoes or don’t have enough dominoes for the entire class? Need differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all of your students? You may like these digital Domino Number Bonds for use in Google Slides / Google Classroom. Don’t have Google Classroom? No worries – helpful links and instructions for setting it up are included.

Number Bonds to 10 for Google Slides / Google Classroom

Number Bonds to 20 for Google Slides / Google Classroom

Number Bonds Bundle for Google Classroom (Differentiated)

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