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Math & Literacy Activities with Plastic Easter Eggs plus Freebies

Plastic Easter eggs can be used to make a variety of festive learning centers for young students.  In this post I’m sharing some of my favorites as well as some free printables.

Math & Literacy with Plastic Eggs & Free Easter Pages

Math & Literacy Learning Ideas Using Plastic Easter Eggs

For each center idea I place the plastic eggs in Easter grass in our sensory bin or in Easter baskets. The students pick out the eggs and complete the activity.  They can also be hidden around the room like and egg hunt.

I also put the recording pages in page protectors and students use dry erase markers to record their answers to save paper.

If students are doing the activity independently, they take a picture of their completed recording page and upload it to their Seesaw journals so that I can assess it later.

plastic egg learning center

Sight Words Practice

Write sight words on each half of the plastic eggs with marker.  Students search in the Easter grass for matching egg halves, put the egg together (fine motor skills practice), and write the sight word on their pages.

plastic Easter eggs sight words practice

Uppercase / Lowercase Letters

Write uppercase and lowercase letters on the egg halves. Students find matching egg halves, put the eggs together, and write the letters on their pages.

plastic eggs literacy center uppercase lowercase letters

Word Families

Write word endings on one half of an egg and consonants on the other half with a marker.  Students pick out an egg, turn one half to make new words, and write them on their pages.

plastic Easter eggs literacy center word families

Rhyming Words

Write rhyming words on each half of the eggs. Students find rhyming egg halves, put the eggs together, and write the rhyming words on their pages.

rhyming words literacy center with plastic eggs

CVC Words

Put pictures of CVC words along with letters inside the eggs. Students pick an egg, open it up, look at the picture, unscramble the letters to spell the CVC word, and write the word on their pages.

literacy center with plastic Easter eggs CVC words

Teen Numbers

Write the number 1 on some egg halves and numbers 0-9 on the other egg halves.  Students put together the eggs (the colors don’t have to match), say the number they made, and write it on their pages.

plastic Easter eggs math teen numbers

Addition Practice

Put dots or numbers on each egg half. Students choose 2 egg halves, put the egg together, count the number of dots on each half, write and solve the addition equation on their pages.

math center with plastic eggs addition practice

Number Words

Write the number word on one half of the egg and the number on the other half. Students search for matching egg halves, put the eggs together, and write the number and/or number word on their pages.

math practice with plastic Easter eggs number words

Free Easter Egg & Jelly Bean Printable Pages

If you would like the printable pages I use for these Easter centers as well as additional ideas and pages for jelly bean centers CLICK HERE.

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