Decorating Eggs with Tissue Paper

decorating eggs with tissue paper

I have been doing this method of egg decorating with preschool and kindergarten students for years.  It is always a favorite!  You will need:

tissue paper cut into squares (a variety of colors)
watered down glue
hard boiled eggs

tissue paper egg decorating ingredients

Provide hard boiled eggs for each student or have each student bring 2 or more hard boiled eggs to school.  Cut tissue paper into small squares (use a variety of bright colors). Water down some Elmer’s glue and place it into small containers.  Have the children use a small paintbrush to “paint” the tissue paper squares onto a hard boiled egg using the watered down glue mixture.  Ensure that the children cover each square on their egg with the glue mixture which makes the squares stick to the egg.

Watch a video here:

Allow the eggs to dry overnight.

tissue paper Easter egg wet

tissue paper Easter egg

They look beautiful when dry!

Easter egg decorated with tissue paper

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