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Winter Hot Chocolate Math Activity Cards & Games

There’s nothing like warming up with a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day (especially peanut butter cup-my favorite flavor!). It’s just so comforting and that is why I decided to make hot chocolate math cards and games – so students could feel comforted when warming up their math skills.

winter math cards & games

Hot Chocolate Math Card Activities

Assessment  – The  hot chocolate cards can be used in a variety of ways to assess students (cards for subitzing, numbers 1-20, tally marks, & ten frames can be found here). You  can show the student a subitizing card, a tally mark card, or a ten frame card and have them match it with a number  card or vice versa (you show a number card and they match it with a subitizing,  tally  mark, or ten frame  card).  You can mix and match the  cards as desired (for example, match a ten frame to a tally mark,  etc.).

winter math cards assessment

Subitizing Practice  – Flash either one of the subitizing cards or ten  frame cards for 3-5 seconds.  Have the students draw what they saw on  either a blank  card (subitizing) or a blank ten frame card OR have  the students tell you how many marshmallows they saw and how they know they are correct.

Counting Practice – Have students count out the correct number of marshmallows (cotton balls).

winter counting math cards

Sequencing  (Number Order) – Give a student a pile of number cards  and have him/her put them in sequential order. You  can require the student to pair the numbers with ten frames or tally marks  if desired  (this can  help  students recognize patterns).

math cards number sequencing
winter math cards for number sense

This  can  also  be done as  a whole group  activity. Give each student a number card and have them put themselves in sequential order (stand in sequential order).

Missing number – remove or cover up a number and have students tell you or replace the missing number.

missing numbers math card game

Winter Hot Chocolate Math Games

Students love playing these classic games so why not make them winter-themed?

Hot Cocoa Go Fish – This classic card game can be played in a number of ways. A pair can consist of matching card to card or matching a number card with a tally mark card, a number card with a subitizing card, a number card with a ten frame card, etc. Deal 4-5 cards to each player. Students look for matches and lay them down. On a player’s turn they ask the player to their right if they have a card that is a match for one of their own. For example, if I have the number card 4 I would ask if they have the tally mark card that shows 4.

winter math Go Fish cards

Hot Chocolate Go Fish to Make 10 – This is a more challenging version of the classic Go Fish game.  Use 2 copies of the ten frame cards.  A match consists of 2 ten frame cards that together equal 10. For example, the 3 ten frame card with the 7 ten frame card. When asking another player for a card the student could say something like “do you have the 3 to go with my 7 to make 10?”.

Hot Cocoa Tic Tac Toe – Give each pair of students a tic tac toe board and a pile of the appropriate cards.  Students pick a card and find the coordinating number on the tic tac toe card. They use a dry erase marker to make their mark (x or o).  If they choose a card that is not on the board they choose another card.

math number sense tic tac toe game

Cocoa Bingo – Use either tally mark cards or ten frame cards or a combination of both as calling cards.  Choose a calling card and show it to the students.  Students find the matching number on their bingo card and mark it with a bingo marker, bingo dabber, or color the apple with a dry erase marker.

winter bingo game number sense

Marshmallow Connect Four – Students place cards face down. They take turns turning over a card, finding the correct number on the board, and coloring the space in their color.  The first to get four marshmallows in a row in their color wins.

winter math game numbers, counting

If you would like to use these hot chocolate math cards and games in your classroom click here.

Hot Chocolate Winter Math Cards & Games Number Sense

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