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Thanksgiving Turkey Math and Literacy Centers

Planning ahead to November and added a few new features and ideas to both Thanksgiving Turkey centers, and they are now available together in a money-saving bundle!  These hands-on centers are great for practicing and assessing common core standards and are the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving theme or curriculum. Both centers include color and black and white versions and blank feathers that can be customized to your needs.

Thanksgiving Turkey Math Literacy Centers

Thanksgiving Turkey Literacy Centers

The literacy center can be used for small group instruction, fall party stations, morning work, extra practice, individualized assessment, etc.  They are a festive and fun way to assess or practice common core standards RF.K.1d, RF.K.2d, RF.K.2e, RF.K.3a,RF.K.3b, RF.K.3d.

Here are a few examples of how the literacy centers can be used in your classroom:

To assess or practice common core state standard RF.K.1d (Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet), place letter feathers on the turkey’s tail and have the student name the letters or say a letter and have the student place the correct letter feather on the turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey alphabet letters
Practice or assess uppercase and lowercase letters by placing uppercase letter feathers on the turkey’s tail and requiring students to place the matching lowercase letter feather beside it.

Thanksgiving Turkey alphabet letters

Place letter feathers on the turkey’s tail and have the student say the letter’s sound or show the student a picture card and have them place the letter feather of the object’s beginning or ending sound on the turkey.

Thanksgiving Turkey beginning and ending sounds Thanksgiving turkey phonics

Spell simple CVC words with the letter feathers and have the student read the words or show a picture card and have the student use the letter feathers to spell the CVC word.

Spell a simple one syllable word such as “an” on the turkey’s tail with the letter feathers. Show the students a picture card such as can. Ask them to add a feather to the turkey’s tail to create the new word

.Thanksgiving turkey cvc words

Show the student one of the picture cards and have them use the letter feathers to spell the word on the turkey’s tail. Show them a similar picture card and ask the student to change the word to another, for example cat to bat.

Thanksgiving turkey cvc words

This Thanksgiving Turkey Literacy Center includes:

– turkey
– turkey feather for each letter of the alphabet (both uppercase and lowercase)
– blank turkey feathers that can be customized to your needs
PLUS 30 full color picture cards

Thanksgiving Turkey Math Center

The math center can be used to practice counting, number sense, number recognition, number sequencing, addition, subtraction, greater than, less than, and more.  It is a festive way to assess or practice common core standards K.CC.A.2, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.5, K.CC.C.7, K.OA.A.4, K.OA.A.5, 1.OA.D.7, 1.OA.D.8, 1.NBT.B.3.

Here are a few examples of how the Thanksgiving math centers can be used in your classroom:

Practice number sense by writing a number on each turkey. Students must put the correct number feather, dot feather, and tally mark feather on each turkey or leave the turkeys blank and require students to sort the feathers.

Thanksgiving turkey math center number sense

Assess or practice common core state standard K.CC.A.2: Count forward beginning from a given number within the known sequence (instead of having to begin at 1). Simply place the beginning number of your choice’s feather in the turkey’s tail on the left side. The student must sequence the next 5 numbers by choosing the correct numbered feathers. The beginning number can be changed again and again.

Thanksgiving turkey number sequencing

Assess and/or practice common core standards K.CC.B.4 & K.CC.B.5 (count to tell the number of objects). Place feathers on the turkey’s tail and have the student count the feathers and tell you how many or choose the correct number from a group of numbers or a group of the numbered feathers.

Thanksgiving turkey counting and numbers

Place numbers on the turkeys and have students place the correct number of feathers on each turkey.

Thanksgiving turkey counting

Assess and/or practice patterns by placing a few feathers on a turkey’s tail in a pattern. Have the student continue the pattern or do the same pattern on a turkey of their own.

Thanksgiving turkey patterns

Use the greater than, less than feathers to practice common core state standard K.CC.C.7 Compare two numbers between 1 and 10 presented as written numerals. Place 2 numbered feathers on the turkey’s tail with a space in between them. Have the student place the greater than or less than feathers in between the 2 numbers.

Thanksgiving turkey greater than less than

Practice and assess core standard K.OA.A.3 (decomposing numbers).

Thanksgiving turkey decomposing numbers

Use the feathers as math manipulatives while practicing addition or subtraction.

Thanksgiving turkey addition subtraction

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by creating equations on the turkey’s tail leaving out a number which the student must supply. For example, 2 + 1 = , 8 – = 6, x 2 = 10, etc.

Thanksgiving turkey addition subtraction

This Thanksgiving Turkey Math Learning Center includes the following in both a color version AND a black and white version (black and white pages can be printed on colored paper to save ink):

– turkey
– turkey feathers for numbers 0 – 20
– turkey feathers for the following math symbols: +, -, x, division symbol, =, <, >
– blank turkey feathers that can be customized to your needs
Also includes 4 student response sheets.

You can now purchase both centers in this money-saving bundle:

Thanksgiving Turkey Literacy & Math Centers Bundle (Common Core Aligned)

or purchase them separately:

Thanksgiving Turkey Counting, Number Sequencing, Math Center (Common Core)

Thanksgiving Turkey Literacy (Alphabet, Phonics, CVC Words) Center (Common Core)

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