Brush Up on Beginning Letter Sounds Interactive PowerPoint

Brush Up on Beginning Letter Sounds Interactive PowerPoint

beginning sounds practice and assessment
Grade Level: Preschool – Kindergarten

Assess or review beginning letter sounds with this fun, interactive PowerPoint presentation. It is similar in nature to Pictionary, but instead of guessing words the students guess the beginning letter sound. For each slide, a girl “paints” and names 3 pictures on a painting easel (animated) and students must click on the correct beginning sound. Students receive immediate feedback with either an unhappy incorrect face or a smiley correct face which plays a correct answer sound. An assessment page for tracking of students’ mastery of each letter sound is included.

This presentation can be used in several ways:

Assessment – use with individual students as a fun assessment tool for beginning letter sounds. The assessment sheet from page 29 can be printed and used to track the student’s mastery of each letter sound. You can pick and choose the slides you need by right-clicking on the screen in slideshow mode and moving to the appropriate slide (use the assessment sheet from page 29 as a guide for the slide numbers) or simply go through the slides in order.

Practice/Review – can be used in a center or with individual students for practice and review. Students can play the slideshow and receive immediate feedback on each slide. To go to the next slide, they can click the Go button in the lower right corner or click anywhere on the slide to advance. When they are finished, they can click the Stop button to exit the slideshow.

Review Game on Smart Board or Whiteboard – place students in teams, show teams a slide, have them choose the answer or play as a class for review or assessment.

To watch the slideshow in action, watch this YouTube video.

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