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Decomposing Numbers 3-10 Center Activity, Equation Boards, & Practice, Assessment Pages

Engaging and Fun Decomposing Numbers Practice K.OA.A.3


It’s raining, it’s pouring, your students’ decomposing numbers knowledge will be soaring! I created these activities to make decomposing numbers practice more engaging for my kindergarten students and to help them visualize the decomposition of numbers and the equations.

Decomposing Numbers Equation Boards

I like using equation boards for several reasons:

  • students love using them
  • they help students visualize decomposing numbers equations
  • they are easy to assemble

Students slide the beads along the string and split the beads in the puddles.  I then have them read the equation they created.  For reinforcement, I have students re-create their equations by coloring the beads on their pages then writing and saying  their equations. They create as many different equations as they can.

My students really enjoy using these and oftentimes they will fill up the back of the page with equations too!

equation board for decomposing numbers practice

Equations boards are very simple to make.  Punch 2 holes in a piece of cardboard, poster board, or card stock, place 5 or 10 pony beads on a string, thread it through the holes and secure it on the back with tape.


Interactive Decomposing Numbers Learning Center 

This center is a hands-on way for students to decompose numbers and see the 2 parts. I use this center in math groups and as a math center.

Students choose an umbrella card, write the number from the card on their recording sheet, count out the matching number of raindrops and place them in the 2 puddles.

They then draw on their recording sheet to show how many raindrops are in each puddle and write an addition equation to match. They continue to make as many combinations as possible. When finished, they choose another card. Students can keep all of their recording sheets for reference later.

decomposing numbers math center


Differentiated Practice and Assessment Pages


Because my students vary in ability level, I created pages that have the raindrops provided and pages that require the students to draw the raindrops.

I use these pages to assess students’ understanding or as additional pages to use at the center (students use the raindrops and puddles as manipulatives to aide them in completing the equations).

decomposing numbers math center and differentiated practice pages



Aligns with common core standards K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.3, K.OA.A.5

If you would like to use this Decomposing Numbers 3-10 Center Activity, Equation Boards, & Practice, Assessment Pages click here.

Decomposing Numbers Center, Equation Boards, & Pages Common Core Standard K.OA.A.3

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