Fun Summer Activity – Squirt Gun Races

Fun Summer Activity – Squirt Gun Races

For this activity you will need styrofoam cups or small plastic snack cups and 2 squirt bottles or squirt guns.
Stack 2 sets of 6 cups on the edge of a table in a pyramid shape (3 on the bottom, then 2, then 1).  The pyramids should be beside each other.  Two children stand back a few feet from the table and use the squirt bottle/gun to squirt the cups off of the table (each child shoots towards their own pyramid).  The first child to squirt all of the cups in their pyramid off the table wins.

LEARNING ACTIVITY:  You can make this a fun learning activity by labeling the cups with letters or numbers and instructing the children to only shoot letters/numbers that you name (letter recognition, number recognition).  You can also practice counting skills by instructing the children to shoot a certain numbers of cups off of the table.


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