Catching Snowflakes Experiment

Is it true that no two snowflakes are alike?  Find out by putting pieces of black construction paper in the freezer overnight.  On a snowy day take the frozen pieces of paper outside and catch snowflakes on them.  Look at the snowflakes through a magnifying glass. You may also like: Snow Science Experiments and STEM

Igloo Making Activity

Here is a fun way to make igloos with your students.  You will need a couple bags of ice along with a few buckets of snow.  Allow the students to create igloos with the ice cubes using the snow to hold the ice cubes together.  You may want to have the students bring mittens or […]

Mitten Activities, Games, & Art for the book The Mitten

mitten ice cube races

I have more than your hands covered when planning a mitten day for your classroom lol!  Here are my favorite learning activities for a fun and n”ice” mitten day! Plan a Mitten Day where all the children wear their mittens to school (if possible bring extra pairs of mittens in case children forget or do not have mittens). […]