Fun Fall Numbers to 20 Activities (Differentiated) Plus a Free File

Fall Numbers 1-20 Activities Differentiated

Building a love of math plus strong number sense is so important in the younger grades. It is the foundation students need for being able to understand more advanced mathematical concepts. In order to build strong number sense, young children need a lot of hands-on practice. When we first begin working on number sense, we […]

Differentiated Pumpkin Patch Counting & Skip Counting Practice

Pumpkin patches are so much fun! The games, the food, the learning. Yep, I said learning. There are so many things that your students can learn at the pumpkin patch. And the best part is, you don’t have to make a daily trip to the actual patch to have some of the fun. You can […]

Fall Word Wall Cards with QR Codes

fall word wall card with picture and QR code

The word wall is such an integral part of both my pre-k and kindergarten classrooms. It is a visual display that exposes my students to key words that they need to know.  At first I used it only for students’ names and sight words.  However, oftentimes when we would be doing a theme or unit […]

Teaching the Signs of the Fall, Autumn Season

Teaching the Signs of the Fall, Autumn Season Fall is one of the prettiest seasons here in the northeast and I always love teaching young students about the fall colors and signs of the season.  We start off talking about and listing things that the students already know about the season. Then, I like to […]