Ocean Crafts (Octopus, Starfish) that are Fun & Simple

ocean craft octopus pattern & Cheerios cereal

One of my favorite themes to do in the summer is an ocean theme! Probably because it is my number one vacation destination lol. These are 2 crafts that are fun for children to create and require very simple prep (yay!). If you’d really like to save time, you can grab the free patterns for […]

Mother’s Day Crafts & Gifts for Muffins with Mom

Muffins with Mom is always such a joyful and well-deserved celebration for our classroom moms, aunts, grandmas, sisters, etc., I just wish it wasn’t at such a busy time of the year lol. With end of the year testing, graduation program preparations, conferences, etc. it can be a little overwhelming to plan a nice presentation […]

Sun Suncatcher Craft & Free Patterns

suncatcher craft

I just love how bright & cheery these sun suncatchers make our room look! During the end of the school year, there is a lot of excitement about the upcoming summer months and the warmer weather. Therefore, I like to harness that enthusiasm and do a unit on the sun. We go outdoors and do […]

End of the Year Bulletin Boards & Craftivities with Writing Prompts

End of the year bulletin board and craft

This post contains my favorite end of the school year craftivities and bulletin board displays that I have used over the years. I love doing creative writing craftivities that help students reflect on the school year and then showcasing their work with pride in our classroom or hallway with a cute display! Parents, teachers, & students […]

Gingerbread Man Craft – Scented & Unscented

Scented or Unscented Gingerbread Man Craft Scented Gingerbread Man Materials: sandpaper cinnamon sticks colored glue – mix glue with either food coloring or tempera paint googly eyes (optional) buttons or pom poms (optional) Cut out a gingerbread man shape from the sandpaper (one for each child). Scrape a cinnamon stick all over the sandpaper gingerbread […]

Nativity Crafts & Narrated Nativity Story

baby Jesus Christmas ornament

I love teaching in a Christian school and being able to teach my students about the real meaning of Christmas.  Here are a few of my favorite crafts and digital activities. Baby Jesus Christmas Ornament Materials: paper plates construction paper stapler ribbon or yarn hole punch printed bible verse (optional) Fold the bottom of the […]

Fireworks Craft for Kids

fireworks craft for kids

This simple and fun craft project is perfect for the Fourth of July or New Year. Supplies Needed: paint or glue glitter Q-Tips construction paper Place a few circles of paint or glue on the construction paper for each child. Children use Q-Tips to spread out the paint in a star or firework shape. Sprinkle […]

Earth Day Suncatchers

Earth Day Suncatcher Materials: clean plastic lids from margarine containers or other round plastic containers glue blue food coloring green markers yarn This craft not only creates beautiful earth suncatchers but also utilizes recycled materials (plastic container lids and half-used glue bottles). Color the glue blue – If you have half-used glue bottles simply drop […]