St. Patrick’s Day Coding Activities (Unplugged & Digital) for Digital Learning Day

digital coding activity St. Patrick's Day

Technology is playing a much bigger role in education and the world today, especially since the spring of 2020, and that role will continue to grow as our technical world advances. As educators of young children, it is our job to redesign our instruction and school experiences to prepare students for this technological future and […]

Coding Activities for The Mitten by Jan Brett

Coding Activities for The Mitten by Jan Brett

Coding has quickly become a favorite of myself and young students. Even NAEYC has realized its importance – “Early coding, or precoding, offers children experiences that integrate communication, thinking, and problem solving. These are 21st century skills that are valuable for children’s future success in our digital world.” Since coding activities are so engaging for […]

Why and How to Teach Computer Coding to Primary Students

coding for kids printable game

Why Teach Computer Coding? There is no way of denying it, we live in a digital world. Computers, smartphones, and tablets are everywhere and practically everything we do requires some sort of programming.  Since it is our job as educators to prepare students for the future, it is important to introduce and teach computer programming […]