Teaching the Alphabet to Students with Diverse Learning Styles

As a pre-K and/or kindergarten teacher you are faced with the task of teaching 26 letters and their sounds to a class of students who vary significantly in motor skills, development, and learning styles.  It can be quite daunting.  A method that I found to be successful with my students was using a variety of instructional approaches […]

Differentiated Alphabet & Handwriting Practice for Kindergarten & Pre-K

Differentiated Handwriting & Alphabet Practice for Kindergarten & Pre-K Preschool and kindergarten students enter school at various ability levels.  Some enter school already knowing how to write their names while others have not yet mastered holding a pencil correctly. The goal is to provide a positive initial handwriting experience for all students as they learn […]

Summer Alphabet Worksheets

Summer Alphabet Worksheets   These pages help students review and practice recognizing and naming all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, printing all uppercase and lowercase letters, and identifying letter sounds and beginning sounds. These pages require no preparation or lamination – simply print and use. You receive 26 alphabet letter pages (one for […]