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St. Patrick's Day Student Treat Tag

St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Students, Gift Tags & Treat Bag Toppers

St. Patrick's Day Treats for Students & Gift Tags

Is it any wonder with O’Block being my last name that I love St. Patrick’s Day? LOL! Celebrating it with young children makes it extra special because I get to experience the excitement and wonder in their eyes when they see all of the hijinks that the tricky little leprechaun plays on us and how things “magically” turn green!

I also like surprising students with a little extra treat on celebration days making them feel special and making the day more memorable for them.  You never know what students may be dealing with or going through and sometimes a simple kind gesture or treat can completely change their mood or mindset.  Just knowing someone cares can mean the world to young child.

Here are a few of my favorites.  I’ve included treats with messages that can be given as a take home treat or special surprise as well as some snack suggestions for your party. I have templates for both regular student treat tags and treat bag toppers because in recent years Ziploc has come out with small snack size bags that are the perfect size for student treats so I switched to using them and wanted tags that would fit across the top.  I have shared both so you could choose the ones that fit your needs.

If you like any of the student treat tags and would like to use them for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration you can find them here.  They are editable so you can personalize them with your student names and your name.

You’re My Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow Treat Tag & Treat Bag Topper

Since we discuss and read books about finding gold at the end of the rainbow and do lots of rainbow experiments I like using this heartfelt saying for student treats.  I added a few visual clues for my youngsters on the tags that I created.  Use Rolo candies to represent the gold and Skittles to represent the rainbow.

St. Patrick's Day Student Treat Tag

St. Patrick's Day Student Treat Bag Topper

Happy St. “Patties” Day! Treat Idea and Student Tag

This a personal favorite not only because of the cute play on words but because it uses Peppermint Patties which remind me of my dad.  Peppermint Patties were his all-time favorite candy so every time I see or eat one it brings back treasured memories of him.

St. Patrick's Day Treat Idea for Students with Gift Tag

St. Patrick's Day Treat Idea for Students with Treat Bag Topper

I’m Lucky to Have You in My Class! St. Patrick’s Day Treat & Tag

I have used this versatile, cute idea and tag for both St. Patrick’s Day and Open House. Since it uses Lucky Charms cereal I place it on students’ desks in the morning as a special surprise for when they enter the classroom.  You can tell them it was an idea that the leprechaun told you or you can say that it is a treat the leprechaun left for them and change the words to “I’m lucky to have visited your class”.

St. Patrick's Day Student Gift Idea and Gift Tag

St. Patrick's Day Student Gift Idea and Treat Bag Topper

St. Patrick’s Day Student Snack Ideas

Shamrock Jello Jigglers

St. Patrick's Day Treat - Shamrock Jello Jigglers

I love using Jello Jigglers for treats because they can be easily shaped into pretty much anything and kids love them!  Follow the instructions on a box of Jello for Jigglers and pour into a deep cookie sheet or pan.  When set, use a shamrock cookie cutter to cut out the shaped Jigglers (I spray my cookie cutter with Pam Cooking Spray first so it doesn’t stick to the Jello).

Leprechaun and His Gold

This is an oldie but a goodie! This is a snack that students can make themselves at a party station.  You will need Keebler E.L. Fudge cookies (the ones that look like the Keebler elf), Corn Pops cereal, and small cups (Dixie cups).  Students fill their cup with the Corn Pops cereal (gold nuggets) and then place a cookie down in the cereal to look like the leprechaun with his gold.  Sorry I could not find a photo of this at the time of this posting.

Shamrock Drinks

St. Patrick's Day drink

Of course I like to have green drinks too! The easiest one is to simply make green Kool-Aid.

If you want a more festive drink, I had a parent volunteer bring us Shamrock Punch one year and it was delicious!  She mixed 1 carton of lime sherbert with a 2 liter bottle of ginger ale.

If you liked any of the St. Patrick’s Day treat tags shown above you can find them here.

St. Patrick's Day Student Gift Tags

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Motivational & Fun Addition & Subtraction Practice

After working on addition and subtraction with manipulatives, math talks & stories, I needed to find a fun way for students to practice fluency to meet the core standards.  As we all know, for them to become fluent means practice, practice, and more practice! So I didn’t want to just have one or two ways for them to work on their addition and subtraction to 5 and to 10 because I didn’t want it to become redundant or boring . I came up with a number of different ways for them to work on mastering their math facts while having fun.

Equation Boards for Addition & Subtraction to 5 and to 10

I love using these equation boards – they help students visualize addition and subtraction equations and the students have fun using them!

They are very simple to make – punch 2 holes in a piece of cardboard, poster board, or card stock, place 5 or 10 pony beads on a string, thread it through the holes and secure it on the back with tape.

Students slide the pony beads to make as many combinations to 5 and to 10 as they can or as many subtraction equations as they can.  For added fun, we pretend the beads are balls that we are throwing for the dog on the card.  After they slide the beads, students read the equation they created.  I made a recording sheet for them to then draw the equation and write it. After they write it they say it again.  You can also have students write/draw their equations on dry erase boards.

My students really enjoy using these and will oftentimes fill up the back of the paper with equations too!


I like to make sure my fluency activities are motivating, fun, and meaningful for my students.  Therefore, I really like to use games.  Not only are games fun (much more fun than practice pages!) but they are also motivational.  The students want to win so they are more motivated to want to get better at their math facts.  I also like to choose a theme that is of interest to my students.  Our classroom theme is dogs (which they love) so I went with that when designing the games.  Pretty much anything with animals intrigues young students, am I right?

I also like for the games to be easy to learn and easy to use so we can use them anywhere in the classroom at anytime.  I use them with my small groups, I put them in our math tubs, they are available for indoor recess (and yes the kids do play them!), they are a free choice option, I use them as math centers, and I also send them home in gallon ziploc bags with students for extra practice (they love teaching their parent and siblings how to play!).

Top Dog Addition and Subtraction Card Game

addition and subtraction to 10 card game

This game is played similar to War but I don’t like to use that name with young students so I changed the name of the game to Top Dog.  Now I know what you may be thinking, why not just use regular playing cards?  You certainly can! However, I made my own cards for several reasons:

  • To have a set of cards with only numbers 0-5 enabling students to easily practice addition to ten
  • To not have to break up a regular set of cards, plus students got confused with the Ace being 1 and there wasn’t a 0.   Our UNO cards didn’t have the number represented with objects.
  • To have cards sized slightly larger than playing cards to enable young students to clearly see the images / numbers and easily handle the cards.
  • To create interest in using the cards by using a cute dog theme making them more interesting and appealing for students than regular playing cards.

I made the cards with 4 “suits” (different dogs and colored paws) to resemble regular playing cards.

The game is played with 2 players.  Students sit facing each other and deal out all of the cards face down (each player will have a pile of cards that they keep in front of them face down).

Each player turns over a card at the same time.  The first player to correctly say the sum of the two cards wins the round and gets to keep both cards.  For example, if a 2 and a 3 are turned over the first player to say 5 wins the round.

In the case of a tie (both players say the sum at the same time), players determine the “top dog” by each flipping over another card. The first player to say the sum of the 2 new cards wins and gets all 4 cards.

The game ends when one player has won all the cards or if time ends, the winner is the player with the most cards.

Variation:  Subtraction can also be practiced by having students subtract the lower number from the higher number.

Hot on the Trail of Math Success Game

addition and subtraction board game

I created this game for 2 players.  Each player places their marker at the start, one on each trail.

The object of the game is to be the first player to get your dog to the end of your trail and reach the dog house.

You can use cards or dominoes. Cards are placed face down in a pile.  Players take turns drawing 2 cards, adding the 2 numbers, and moving their dog (marker) the correct number of spaces (the sum of the 2 numbers) on their trail.

The first player to reach the doghouse is the winner.

Game Variations:

Practice subtraction to 5 by having players subtract the lower number from the higher number.

If using dominoes in place of cards, scatter them face down beside the game board. Players take turns turning over a domino and adding the 2 sides together.

When making game markers that I need to stand upright, I have found 2 simple ways to create them. Fold a paper clip upright and tape the marker to it or place the marker in a binder clip. Simple!

“Paws”-itive Path for Math Game

addition fluency & subtraction fluency game

This game is played by 2 players with a 100 chart and either cards or 0-5 dice.

Cards are placed face down in a pile or scattered face down.

Players take turns drawing or turning over 2 cards (or rolling 2 dice), adding the 2 numbers together or subtracting the lower number from the higher number, and coloring in the correct number of paws on the page in their color.

Game continues until all the paws are colored in.  Each player counts the number of paws in their color.  The winner is the player with the most colored in paws.

Bury the Bones Addition / Subtraction

addition fluency game

This is a fun, fast-paced game that can be played with 2 players or with a small group of players.

The object of the game is to bury (or mark / color) all of your bones before your opponent(s).

2 Players Taking Turns:

Each student has their own page and the cards are placed in a pile or scattered face down.

Players take turns turning over 2 cards (or rolling 2 0-5 dice), adding or subtracting the numbers, and marking or coloring the correct bone on their page.  If they draw 2 cards and the answer is already covered, they lose their turn and play goes to the next player.  The winner is the first player to bury (cover or color) all of their bones.

2 Players or Small Groups Playing Head to Head:

Each player needs their own page and their own set of cards (or 2 dice).

On a signal, players turn over 2 cards (or roll their 2 dice), add or subtract the 2 numbers, and color or mark the correct bone on their page.  If they already have the number marked, they draw 2 new cards.  Play continues until someone buries all of their bones and is declared the winner.  (When playing head to head it is a good idea to monitor play to ensure the students are marking the correct bones).

Bury the Bones BUMP! Game

addition and subtraction BUMP game

This is played like the popular BUMP game (a student favorite!) except we use our dog cards (0-5 dice can also be used).

2 players take turns drawing 2 cards (or rolling 2 dice), adding or subtracting the numbers, and placing their marker on the correct bone.

If an opponent’s marker is already on the bone, the player can “bump” them off and put their marker on it.  If their own marker is already on the bone, they can lock that number by stacking another one of their markers on the first one (players can stack as many of their own markers on a number as needed, for example if they get a 4 and already have 2 markers on it they can add a third or fourth or fifth, etc.).  When a bone is locked it can not be bumped off; therefore, if your opponent already has your answer blocked with 2 or more markers you lose your turn.

The game is over when one player has played all of their markers and wins the game.

Fetch Four Addition or Subtraction

Connect 4 addition game

I just HAD to make a Connect 4 game! It is one of my personal favorites because it brings back such cherished memories from my childhood. My grandfather and I played this game together for hours on Saturday nights when I was young. Pretty sure he let me win most of the time (lol) and would always say, “OH Tina! How did you do that? I didn’t even see it!”.

The object of the game is to get 4 balls in a row of your color either across, up and down, or diagonal.

Cards are placed face down in a pile or scattered face down.

Players take turns drawing or turning over 2 cards, adding or subtracting the 2 numbers together, and coloring in the correct ball on the page in their color.  They can choose any ball as long as it is the correct number (the sum of the 2 numbers drawn).  Students think strategically to figure out what ball to choose in order to block their opponent.

Game continues until one player gets four balls in a row of their color either across, up and down, or diagonal.

Bone Up on Addition and Subtraction SCOOT and Center Activity

Last but certainly not least – SCOOT!! My students loooove hunting for things around the room and in the sensory bin!  I love how it gets them moving around and keeps them engaged (especially during the winter months when we can’t get out for recess!) and that it can be differentiated (addition to 5, addition to 10, subtraction to 5, subtraction to 10).

The object is to find each dog a bone by matching the doghouses and dogs from the printable page with a bone task card (each task card has a unique doghouse, dog name, and dog). When students find a bone, they solve the addition or subtraction equation on the bone and write their answer by the correct dog on their page.

Sometimes I hide the bone task cards around the room and students put their pages on clipboards and go hunting.  Other times I use it as a center activity and bury the bone task cards in our sand table sensory bin and have students dig them up.

If you would like to use these addition and subtraction games, equation boards, and cards in your classroom you can find them here.  You’ll also find a BONUS Howling to 100 Chart Page!

100 chart

Addition & Subtraction Math Games, Equation Boards, SCOOT Cards

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Valentine’s Day Student Gift Ideas & Gift Tags

Valentine's Day Student Gift Ideas & Gift Tags

There is just something special about celebrating Valentine’s Day with young children – the excitement of giving and receiving special valentines, all the talk about love, kindness, and friendship, and just the overall wonderful feeling of having an extra special day to celebrate your love for them.  This is why I like to add an extra touch to my student Valentine’s Day gifts.

I like the students to feel special and that their gift was truly from the heart so I don’t give the same gift from year to year or from class to class – I like to “mix it up” each year!  That’s not to say that I haven’t given or used the same gift idea twice, I just make sure to space them out. This way my students don’t hear “Oh we got that from her last year” or “I got that when I had her as a teacher” if I taught their sibling.  They feel that their gifts were indeed unique.  Therefore, I have a lot of ideas in my files and I wanted to share them with you to save you some planning time.

Here are some of my favorite student gifts for Valentine’s Day.  They are simple yet touching, giving you a quick, inexpensive way to send a special valentine to your students. The trinkets are merely suggestions, you don’t have to attach the tags to gifts, simply personalize and print them to give as valentine cards.  If you like any of the gift tags you can find them here.

You Color My World Crayons Valentine’s Day Student Gift

You Color My World Valentine's Day Student Gift Tag


My students get so excited about opening and using a brand new box of crayons! I loved this saying – I thought it was perfect not only for the gift but because it conveyed how much they bring to my life.  You can find sets of crayons at WalMart, the Dollar Store, or Amazon has bulk 12 packs.

You are Just “Write” Pencil Valentine Student Gift

Valentine student gift Pencil - You are just "write"

My students love writing with special pencils (it actually encourages them to want to write more!) so when I found these I knew they would love them.  I picked this saying because it conveyed my feelings that I love each of them for who they are and the uniqueness they bring to our class.  I found these pencils in packs of 2 at WalMart, you can also get a larger 36 pack on Amazon.

I Love You “Beary” Much Valentine’s Day Student Gift

I Love You Beary Much Student Valentine Gift Tag
A very sweet message that can be attached to a small bag of Teddy Grahams or Gummi Bears.

Blow Me Away Bubbles or Blow Pop Valentine Student Gifts

My young students love bubbles so when I saw these Valentine’s Day bubble wands at WalMart I thought they made the perfect gift.  I used this saying and added a little Valentine sweet touch to one of them.  I have also attached these tags to Charms Blow Pops for older students that I tutor.

I’m Bubbling with Excitement Valentine’s Day Student Gift

Bubbling with excitement Valentine's Day student gift

This is another tag option for Valentine’s Day bubble wands or bottles of bubbles.

You Rule Valentine’s Day Student Gift Tag

Valentine, You Rule! Happy Valentine's Day gift tag

I gave these to students one year because we were working on measurement and because I found these cute pink and red rulers that I knew they would love (plus the saying was just too cool LOL).

You are “Dough-lightful” Play Dough Valentine’s Day Student Gift

"Dough-lightful" play dough student valentine gift

I am a big fan of play dough because it has so many benefits (small motor development, stress relief, etc.) and students LOVE it.  You can choose to make your own or buy the packs of small cans.  They are reasonably priced and you can find the multi-packs at stores such as WalMart or they are also on Amazon in a variety of amounts (10 pack, 24 pack, 36 pack).

Dog Valentine Cards or Student Gifts

valentine cards for students with dog theme

I am a huge dog lover so of course I created dog-themed valentine cards lol.  These can be used alone as individual valentine cards or they can be attached to small bags of Scooby Doo graham cracker sticks.

Glow Stick Valentine’s Day Student Gifts

Valentine's Day student gifts - glow sticks

My students love glow sticks and think they are magic LOL.  I found special Valentine’s Day glow sticks and attached them to these heartwarming tags.

You Make My Heart Pop Popcorn Valentine Gift Tag & Recipe

You make my heart pop valentine gift

I found a recipe on Pinterest for Valentine Popcorn and had to try it! It is amazing and addictive! It is VERY sweet so you can decide whether it is an appropriate snack for your students.  When I used it I gave it out in the small snack size baggies. It could also be given as a party take home treat. Regular popcorn can also be used with this valentine tag.

Marvelous & Magnificent Student M&Ms Valentine Treats

Valentine M&Ms Student Treat and Gift Tag

These tags have a motivational message and fit perfectly on a snack size bag of M&Ms.

Will You “O-FISH-ally” Be My Valentine? Student Valentine Gifts or Cards

This cute “o-fish-all” tag can be attached to a small bag of Swedish Fish or Goldfish Crackers.  The square tag can also be used without the fish as an individual valentine card.

If you liked any of the tags pictured above and would like to use them for your Valentine’s Day student gifts they are available here.

Valentine's Day Student Gift Tags

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Winter Play Dough Recipes & Activities (Snow Dough Recipe & Hot Chocolate Play Dough Recipe)

I enjoy making seasonal play dough for my students. It adds something a little extra special to our seasonal activities!  Two of my favorite play dough recipes for the winter season are snow dough and hot chocolate play dough. Not only do we use it for creative play, but we also use it for learning activities as well. In this post I’ll share with you the winter play dough recipes I use and also ways to use play dough in the classroom.

Snow Dough & Hot Chocolate Play Dough Recipes and Activities

Snow Dough Play Dough Recipe 

snow dough recipe ingredients

2 cups baking soda
1/2 cup conditioner
silver glitter or incandescent glitter (optional)

Mix the baking soda and conditioner together. You can adjust the amount of conditioner to create the consistency you like.  I add a little silver glitter to make it glisten like snow. So simple and your room will smell amazing! To make it feel cold like snow, you can put it in the freezer prior to using it.

Hot Chocolate Play Dough Recipe

1 cup hot chocolate mix
1 cup baking soda
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
1/2 cup water
3 tablespoons oil

hot chocolate playdough recipe ingredients

Mix together the dry ingredients.

hot chocolate play dough recipe

Mix the wet ingredients together in a separate bowl.

hot chocolate play dough recipe

hot chocolate play dough recipe

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients a little at a time.  Mix together.


Play dough has many benefits – not only do students LOVE playing with it, it also strengthens and improves fine motor skills, helps relieve stress, builds imagination and vocabulary, and makes a great learning manipulative.  Here is a list of my favorite ways to use snow dough and hot chocolate play dough in the classroom.

Play Dough Learning Activities

Strengthen Fine Motor Skills, Scissor/Cutting Skills, & Imagination Through Creative Play

I feel that students need time for creative play, however with the increasing demands of meeting standards nowadays we are often asked to justify “play time”.  It is very easy for me to justify allowing students to create with play dough because it helps strengthen those all important fine motor skills, it increases their imagination and critical thinking skills as they figure out how and what to create, and I make sure to include scissors as one of the accessories because cutting play dough is great scissor skill practice! You can use regular child scissors or play dough scissors.

using hot chocolate play dough for scissor skill practice


Sizes, Shapes, Engineering 

Of course a favorite thing that students build with the snow dough is a snowman!  So I use that as an opportunity to talk about sizes. I ask which size snowball they put on the bottom and why and have them make snowballs of different sizes.

snow dough snowman building activity

We also talk about sizes with the hot chocolate play dough. I have gingerbread man cookie cutters of various sizes that the students enjoy using.  I have them line them up or sort their gingerbread men according to size.

During our math groups I provide cut up straws and have students create different shapes using the snow dough and straws.  You could also have them form shapes just using the snow dough or have them use shape cutters to create shapes with the snow dough.

building shapes with snow dough and straws

My students like to design and build their own structures using the snow dough and straws. Another favorite is building igloos (we had learned about igloo building in our snow science unit)!

snow dough sculpture

We also see who can build the tallest snowman.  This activity strengthens critical thinking and engineering skills as students figure out how to create and stack  their snowballs in order for the snowman to stand without falling.  This activity also reviews math skills as students count the number of snowballs they used and figure out who used the most and/or who’s snowman is tallest.

snow dough snowman building

Number Sense & Counting Activities

A great fine motor activity for young students is to have them roll small balls of play dough with their fingers.  I use this for many math activities in our math groups and centers.  Students create and count the correct number of snowballs using our winter play dough mats and then form the number with the snow dough.

snow dough winter counting play dough mat

I also like to slip our winter counting pages into page protectors and have the students create and count out the correct number of snowballs with their snow dough.

snow dough counting activity

When using the hot chocolate play dough for math, I have students choose a hot chocolate number card and then create and count out the correct number of balls of play dough.

hot chocolate play dough math activity

For some number sense practice, I have students choose a tally mark hot chocolate card and then form the number with their hot chocolate play dough.

hot chocolate play dough math activity

We practice more or less, greater than/less than by choosing two hot chocolate math cards , creating and counting the correct number of  snow dough “marshmallows”, and then using “math talks” to discuss which group has more or less and how they know.

snow dough play dough math activity

Addition, Subtraction Smash, & Making 10

I also use play dough as a math manipulative when we are working on addition word problems.  I read a word problem and the students use the play dough to help them visualize and solve the problem. They then write the addition sentence on the desk (or play dough mat) using dry erase markers.

hot chocolate play dough as math manipulative

Subtraction smash is a favorite! Students actually want to practice subtraction when we do this activity! Students choose 2 hot chocolate math cards, figure out which number is larger and create and count that many hot chocolate play dough balls. Then they “take away” the smaller number of balls by smashing them with their fists! So fun! Lastly, they write the subtraction sentence with a dry erase marker.

hot chocolate play dough subtraction smash

One of the core standards that kindergarten students need to master is making ten. We practice this using our hot chocolate ten frame cards and the snow dough.  Students choose a card and then create and count out the correct amount of marshmallows to make 10.  They then write the addition sentence with dry erase markers or sometimes for added fun they build the addition sentence with the snow dough.

snow dough play dough math learning activity


Another math activity I like to use the snow dough or hot chocolate play dough for is practicing measurement. I will have the students roll out or make a play dough rope or snow wall.  Then I will ask them to create another one that is either longer or shorter.

snow dough play dough measurement learning activity

I also have rulers on hand and allow students to measure their creations or I will ask them to create something that is 4 inches long for example and they will build alongside the ruler.

snow dough play dough measurement learning activity

Letters, Phonics, Sight Word Practice

I have found that using play dough really helps reluctant students practice and learn their letters. The hot chocolate play dough is great for forming letters. During small groups, I say a letter and have students form it using the hot chocolate play dough or show them a letter, have them say it and then form it (uppercase and/or lowercase) with the hot chocolate play dough. When practicing letter sounds/phonics, I will show a winter picture and have the students say and form the beginning sound with the hot chocolate play dough.

hot chocolate play dough letter formation activity

Forming sight words with play dough is a fun, hands-on way to introduce or review words. I first have students write the sight word with a dry erase marker and then “build” the word with the snow dough.


Game Pieces

I like using the hot chocolate play dough as markers for our Cocoa Bingo Game.

hot chocolate play dough as bingo markers

Stress Relief / Early Finishers

I place balls of the hot chocolate play dough in ziploc bags and keep them in a center. When I see that a student is stressed, fidgety, or angry I will sometimes give them a ball of the play dough and let them squish and mash those feelings out.  It is also a choice for early finishers.

hot chocolate play dough in baggie for stress relief


If you are interested in the resources that were featured in this post, they are:

Hot Chocolate Winter Math Cards & Games Number Sense

Winter Counting and Numbers Practice

Winter Math Center - Tally Marks

winter hot chocolate math center - ten frames

hot chocolate QR code math center bundle



100th Day of School Ideas & Treats

100th Day of School Ideas and Treats / Snacks

The 100th day of school is a huge deal in kindergarten!  The students have worked hard to learn how to count to 100 and it is now time to celebrate! I have had the pleasure of throwing many 100th day of school celebrations over the years so I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas and treats.

Have a surprise waiting on their desks.

I love seeing my students’ faces when they walk in and see their desks decorated with confetti and a special treat and award waiting for them.  Since it is early in the morning I like to use the mini-doughnut treat with a wafer cookie to represent the number 100.  I place them in a Ziploc bag with a treat bag topper that says “Donut” you know it’s the 100th Day of School? You have learned a “hole” bunch!”.  I also give them a special, personalized award as a keepsake to commemorate our special day.

100th Day of School treat bag topper and award / certificate

In years past when I taught both morning and afternoon kindergarten, I would give my afternoon class these cookie treats since they arrived later in the day. I would place a wafer cookie along with 2 fudge stripe cookies in a baggie and attach a “Happy 100th Day! You’re a smart cookie!” treat bag topper. I would give them a different personalized keepsake award than the morning class to “change it up” a bit and make each class feel special. 100th day of school smart cookie treat bag topper and Happy 100th Day award

Our 100th Day Mascot, Spot

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge dog lover, soooooo I had to incorporate a dog into our celebration! Since I couldn’t bring my 2 adorable beagles in for the party (lol) I decided to have a spotted Dalmatian named Spot as our official 100th Day mascot.  The students had to give Spot exactly 100 spots using either a bingo dabber or a Q-Tip dipped in paint.

100 dots on Spot 100th day of school activity

I Would Like 100…, I Would Not Like 100… Pic Collage Activity

I wanted to incorporate some technology into our celebration so I had students complete this activity using the free app Pic Collage (we use the version called Pic Kids specially designed for younger children).  I showed students the following sentence starters – I would like to have 100… , I would not like to have 100…. We discussed it as a group along with some possible answers then students made their own versions in Pic Kids.  They typed in each sentence starter and then searched for pictures to complete each one. Since Pic Kids web search is safe, they could use it if they needed it.

100th day of school Pic Collage activity

AgingBooth & Chatter Pix Kids App Smashing Activity

Another technology activity that I really enjoy doing is using both the AgingBooth app along with Chatter Pix Kids to create a “When I am 100 years old” video (when we use more than 1 app to create a project we call it app smashing).  I make sure to get a picture of each student prior to the 100th day of school.  I then use the free app AgingBooth to make them look older and save the pictures. I would advise to do this step yourself instead of allowing the students to do it because the app has ads that come up which are games that young students may click. It also has a More Effects button that when clicked shows other apps which have names that are not appropriate for students.  Here is an example of a before and after. Students love seeing the older version of themselves!

AgingBooth app When I am 100 years old 100 days of school activity

The students then upload their photo to Chatter Pix Kids and record what they think they will be doing when they are 100 years old.  You can also make this a writing activity by having students finish the prompt “When I am 100 years old…”.  I felt it was easier for my kinders to verbalize their answers so we used Chatter Pix Kids.

When I am 100 Chatter Pix Kids app activity for the 100th day of school

I’m Celebrating 100 Days Crown Craft

It just wouldn’t be a celebration without crowns LOL! I used to purchase already made crowns years ago but then I saw the idea of allowing students to decorate their own and I wanted to try it.  Turns out that the students like decorating their own crowns much more than just putting on a crown that looks like everyone else’s because then they can have a personalized, unique looking one. I also like them better because they are very simple to make plus I don’t have to purchase new packs every year.  I simply copy the crown template I created onto cardstock, have students color and/or write on it, and then attach and size the strip to fit their heads. They are so proud to show everyone that they are celebrating a super special day!

100 Chart Secret Picture (Number)

This is such a fun and cute way to practice number recognition!  I call out the numbers in random order and the students have to find each number on their 100 charts and color them in.  When finished, they realize that it creates the number 100 (well some youngsters figured it out before the end lol).

100 chart secret number

Roll Your Way to 100

This activity is a fun way to practice estimating, counting, adding, subitizing, and number recognition all rolled into one (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).  It can be done as a whole group, in pairs, or individually.  To begin, students estimate how many rolls of the dice they think it will take to reach 100 and write it at the top of the page. Then they roll the dice and color in the correct number of squares on the 100 chart using a different color crayon each time. After they reach 100, they count the number of colored sections that represent each roll of the dice and write it on the top of the paper and compare their prediction with the actual results.

100th day of school dice game

100 Chart Puzzles and 100 Piece Puzzles

Cut up a 100 chart into puzzle pieces and have students put it back together again for fun number sequencing practice.  I also put out some of our favorite 100 piece puzzles for students to put together.

100 chart puzzle

100th Day of School Snack Ideas

I have been doing the trail mix snack idea for years and still love it. Each student is responsible for bring in exactly 100 pieces of their ingredient for our trail mix (M&Ms, Cheerios, mini-pretzels, Chex cereal, Goldfish crackers, mini-marshmallows, raisins, chocolate chips, popcorn).  We combine them together to create a trail mix snack.

I have recently started adding this cute and healthy snack as well – a baby carrot and 2 cucumber slices to resemble the number 100.  I make them either the night before or first thing in the morning and place them in snack bags with the topper “Hip Hip Hooray! It’s the 100th Day!”.100th day of school healthy treat / snack idea

Can You Be Silent for 100 Seconds?

This is a fun challenge to do with students – see if they can be completely silent for 100 seconds!  You can also pair it with the next activity by telling them if they are quiet for 100 seconds they will get a $100 bill LOL.

 Personalized $100 Bills

100 dollar bill for the 100th day of school

Students love seeing their face on $100 bills! You can create these free at (please note that you do NOT have to download anything – ignore the green download buttons – they are ads).  Click the Choose Photo button, upload your photo, and click Go.

Which Container Has 100 Items?

Set out 3 containers with candy and only fill one of them with exactly 100 candies.  Have students guess which container they think has exactly 100 candies in it.  Record their guesses.  After everyone has put in their guess, dump them out and count.

100th day of school estimation activity

100 Link Paper Chain

Before we create our paper chain, I have students estimate how long they think a 100 link paper chain will be.  I take them out in the hallway and show them where we will place the beginning of it and then have them go stand where they feel the chain will end.  I give them each a piece of masking tape to mark their spot and they write their names on it.  Then, we split up into groups.  Each group gets strips of paper with numbers on them and they must put them in order and link them together.  Next, we come together as a class and link all of the group chains in order from 1-100, take it out into the hallway, lay it down and see if anyone’s guess was close to the actual length (I couldn’t get a picture of the entire chain – here is a section with some of the students’ guesses beside it).

100th day of school paper chain

100th Day of School Take Home Treats

I also like to give students a little something special to take home to commemorate our special celebration. Here are some of the treats I have given out over the years.

100 Days Smarter treat tag and student award / certificate

100 Days Smarter Treat Tag and Certificate – The students always enjoy getting Smarties candy for being 100 days smarter – they think it is funny.  I like to pair it with this special certificate that students can keep for years to come.  Our grocery store sells the Smarties candy rolls in the bulk candy section and you can also find them here on Amazon.

100th day of school 100 Grand candy bar treat tag

You are Worth More Than 100 Grand Treat and Tag – Since the name of this candy bar goes with our 100 days party theme I had to use it as a treat!  I simply attach it to this cute tag!

100th day of school treat tag and editable student certificate

Crazy Straw Treat with Tag & Personalized Certificate – I like to give these crazy straws as a non-candy treat along with these personalized certificates.

100 days brighter treat / gift tag

You are 100 Days Brighter Glow Stick – This is another non-candy favorite treat idea. Attach this cute tag to a glow stick and brighten your students’ day before they go home.

Book List

100th Day Worries
Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten (Picture Puffins)
Rocket’s 100th Day of School (Step Into Reading, Step 1)
Centipede’s One Hundred Shoes
The Night Before the 100th Day of School

If you would like to use the printable treat tags, editable awards / certificates, or printable crown with your students during your 100th day of school celebration they are available here.

100th Day of School Awards, Tags, Crown

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100th Day of School Ideas and Treats / Snacks

how to make a candy cane heart Christmas ornament

Candy Cane Heart Christmas Ornaments

Candy Cane Heart Christmas Ornament

These sweet ornaments are always a hit with parents and very simple to create! Take a holiday picture of each student. Print the pictures out on card stock or heavy, stiff paper. If you are unable to print the pictures directly onto heavy paper, print them on photo paper and then glue them onto heavier paper. The paper needs to be thick and stiff enough to hold the candy canes.

Give each student their holiday picture and have them glue 2 candy canes in the shape of a heart around their face.  I do a demonstration of this beforehand so they know where to put the glue and how much to use.

After the glue dries, use scissors or an exacto knife to trim the excess picture around the candy canes.  Attach a loop made of ribbon on the back.


Students can sign their name and write the year on the back if you wish.  And there you have it! An adorable parent Christmas gift!

how to make a candy cane heart Christmas ornament

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Christmas Candy Cane Bulletin Board – Have a Sweet Holiday

This idea reviews patterns and makes a sweet holiday classroom display! Candy canes are a festive and fun way to review patterns with students. Give each student 2 candy cane patterns (one with the “hook” facing right and one with the “hook” facing left).  You can use blank ones or ones with lines for younger students.  I couldn’t find a blank candy cane pattern so I used a bubble font letter J for a pattern.  Have the students color each candy cane in a pattern. I give the students the freedom to choose any colors they wish as long as they make a pattern.  Some choose to use 2 colors, some choose to use 4 colors, some make both of their candy canes the same, others make each one different.

Christmas candy cane bulletin board and craft

Glue a picture of each student in the middle of a green heart cut out shape (to make the heart pattern, I put 2 of the candy canes together to form a heart and traced around them).  Have the students glue their candy canes onto their heart to form a heart shaped frame.

candy cane heart craft for bulletin board

Hang the candy cane hearts on a bulletin board entitled “Have a SWEET holiday”.  I used a candy cane font I found on

Christmas candy cane bulletin board - Have a SWEET holiday

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