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Free March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Calendar & Weather Activity

Free March In Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb Calendar & Weather Activity

My students always enjoy this calendar activity! I hope yours will too!

Does the saying “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” hold true this year? Find out by keeping track of lion days (cold, winter-like days) and lamb days (warm, spring-like days) during your morning meeting or calendar and weather time.

Each day, discuss the weather and decide if it is a lion day or a lamb day.  Hang up the appropriate animal.

You can display the results several ways:

Option 1: Graph – Create a wall graph using the free Lion Days and Lamb Days headers and pictures included in my download.  Each day place a lion or lamb marker under the appropriate heading.

March weather activity lion and lamb free

Option 2: Chart – Hang the free included chart by your calendar / weather area.  Each day place a lion or lamb marker on the chart.

Free March Weather Activity graph

Option 3: Calendar – There are 2 different ways to mark your calendar.

1. Use the included free calendar cover-ups to mark the lion days and lamb days on your calendar.

Free March calendar activity lion lamb

2. Use the smaller lion and lamb pictures to mark the days on your calendar. This allows the numbers to be visible.

free March Comes in Like a Lion Out Like a Lamb calendar activity

NEW! Digital Google Slides Version Added! – Since many of you may use technology during your morning meeting or have limited space in your classroom, I added a digital Google Slides version of both the graphing and chart activities.

They both have movable lion and lamb pieces. Move one of the pieces under the correct heading each day.

Free March lion & lamb weather activity digital Google Slides

Free March lion & lamb weather activity digital Google Slides

Meaningful Math – I love using the graph and calendar for meaningful math practice during morning meeting.  We discuss our results and practice greater than less than, more or less, comparing numbers, tally marks (we keep a tally each day of how many lion days and how many lamb days).

If you would like to use this activity in your classroom it is available FREE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.  You receive a Lion Days header, a Lamb Days header, lion and lamb markers, a Lion Days Lamb Days chart, calendar cover-ups (lion and lamb), and the digital Google Slides.

Free March Weather Activity Lion and Lamb Days

Lion and Lamb Writing Activity & Craft

I also like to have students do a fun writing activity where they express their opinions as to whether they would like more lion days in March or more lamb days. They also create cute lion and lamb crafts to go with their writing. They look soooo cute hanging in our classroom!

If you would like the free patterns for these crafts, they were an exclusive freebie for my newsletter list. Click here to sign-up and receive the free craft patterns and step-by-step instructions.

free lion and lamb March writing activity & craft

free lion and lamb March writing activity & craft

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