Free Halloween Student Gift Tags & Non-Candy Treat Ideas

Halloween Gift Tags for Students Free

Since most students get sooo much candy on Halloween, I like to give them fun non-candy treats at our Halloween party. Here are my favorites.

You can download the FREE HALLOWEEN STUDENT GIF TAGS here.

Wishing You an “EX-STRAW” Special Halloween! Student Gift & Free Tag

Have an ex-straw special Halloween free student gift tag

My young students love watching the liquid come up a crazy straw (and so did I as a kid. I had a special one at my grandma’s house) so I like to surprise them with one.

Simply attach this adorable Halloween gift tag to a crazy straw for a simple and fun treat.

“Fa-BOO-lous” Student Gifts

Halloween student gifts free

Since my kinders are beginning to write this time of year, I like to find Halloween pencils to give them as a treat; however, the free “fa-BOO-lous” student Halloween tag can be attached to any treat or gift.

Ghost BOOk Halloween Gift

Halloween student gift tags free printable

I am a big fan of giving students books as gifts! I place this version of the Halloween ghost gift tag inside the front cover.

Bubbles Halloween Student Gift & Free Tag

Halloween student gifts free editable

I like giving my pre-k students bubbles! Attach this ghost gift tag to a bottle of bubbles or a bubble wand for a fun Halloween treat for students.

Something BRIGHT for Halloween Night! Glowstick Student Gift & Free Tag

Halloween student gift tags free

Something Bright for Halloween Night Glow Stick Student Gift and Free Tag

A glow stick is a great gift to give students to help them light their way on Halloween night.

There are 2 versions of the free, editable tags from which to choose.

If you would like to use any of these Halloween gift tags, I have shared an editable version here.

Halloween Gift Tags Free Editable

Have student gift ideas and editable tags for the entire school year with this money-saving bundle!

Student Gift Tags Mega Bundle

“I am so glad I found this resource. I am always looking for little notes and treats and ways to motivate my students. Since this is bundle, there is something for everything. Highly recommend!” – Laura P.

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“Incredible bundle! I don’t have to search for individual tags anymore. Thank you for creating such cute gift tags and putting them all in one place!!!” – Melanie L.

“These tags are great! There is something here for every occasion. They’re attractive, varied, and easy to edit. ” – Ashley F.

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