Digital Valentine Cards for Distance Learning

valentine cards for parents from kids digital

So here we are in late January and a lot of us are still doing some type of digital distance learning, whether it be whole class or hybrid. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I needed to create a type of valentine that could be completed digitally.

I had created digital cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as Christmas and they turned out to be huge hits with the parents so I decided to go with what works for Valentine’s Day too lol.

I decided on digital cards because they are easy to send to students to edit in Google Classroom and Seesaw and can be easily saved or printed by parents as treasured keepsakes. I can also easily personalize them with students’ photos which is just too cute!

The ideas for the cards are from parent valentine cards I have done in the past. I simply made them digital by creating templates in PowerPoint. As you may know, I am a huge fan of giving students choice, so I created 6 different designs from which they could choose. If you would like to use them with your students they are available here.

One of the easiest platforms I have found for inserting student photos in a picture is PowerPoint because it has the crop to shape editing tool. It makes it so easy to resize and shape the photo to the exact size and shape you need. You can use photos you have on file or students can send a recent photo via Google Classroom, Seesaw, or email. Students are pretty good at taking pictures and selfies nowadays LOL.

Digital valentine card crop to shape
Digital valentine card with student photo

Once student photos are inserted in the cards, I save them as JPEG picture files and send them to the students to edit.

The cards can be edited by students in Google Slides via Google Classroom. Students can write holiday messages and “sign” their names. They can also insert shapes such as hearts, smiley faces, suns, stars, call outs, etc.

Love bug digital valentine card for Google Slides
digital valentine lion card
digital valentine card for Google Classroom
digital valentine cards for parents from students

Personally, I love having young students use Seesaw to edit their cards because they can use the drawing tools to sign their names and draw pictures, use the text tool for messages, and my favorite part is they can use the record option to record a special valentine message that the card recipient can download and keep! How special!

valentine cards for parents from students digital
digital valentine cards for seesaw app
Valentine's Day Cards digital
digital Valentine's Day card
Valentine's Day cards digital

The valentine cards can also be printed for students to sign and decorate if digital editing is not available or if you send students packets or printed materials.

If you would like to use these digital Valentine’s Day cards with your students, click here to download them from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Digital Valentine's Day Cards for Parents

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Valentine's Day Cards Digital for Distance Learning
Valentine’s Day Cards Digital for Distance Learning

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