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Student Gift Ideas & Incentives for the Entire School Year

student gift ideas for the entire school year

This post will give you a wide variety of inexpensive and fun student gift ideas for the entire school year all in one place. You will have ideas for making your students feel valued and creating a positive classroom community that can be used for years to come. These are some of my most popular blog posts and I wanted to put them all in one place to make it more convenient for you.

You never know what students may be dealing with or going through and sometimes a simple kind gesture or treat can completely change their mood or mindset.  Just knowing someone cares can mean the world to young child.

If you like the student gift tags shown, they are available individually or you can get ALL of them in a discounted money-saving bundle pack here giving you a wide variety of student gifts from which to choose for the school year.

Back to School Student Gifts

 I have found over the years that having a little something special waiting for young students on the first day of school or on Meet the Teacher Night (Open House) helps make them feel a little more at ease and excited about beginning school.  CLICK HERE to find over 20 different ideas for back to school student gifts.

back to school gifts for students

End of the School Year, Graduation Student Gift Ideas

Save time during the hectic end of the year and find over 20 ideas for memorable student gifts that your students will treasure. CLICK HERE to see the entire list.

end of the year gifts for students

Student Gift Ideas for Testing, Positive Reinforcement, Motivation

Throughout the school year I like to surprise students with a little something extra special to recognize their hard work and effort, improved behavior, achievement of a milestone, or to celebrate the completion of a big project on which they worked very hard or testing/assessment.  You would be surprised how much a simple trinket with a positive, encouraging note means to a young child and how important it is to them that you noticed their efforts.   I have even given a few to fellow teachers who have helped or inspired me or just need a smile and to know someone cares.

Over the years I have collected a number of ideas.  CLICK HERE to view some of my favorites.

You Blew Me Away With Your Hard Work! Bubble Tags
You're a Sharp Student and You are "Write" on Track Pencil Topper Tags

Birthday Certificates, Student Gift Ideas, & Treats

I feel that it is important to do something at school for students’ birthdays. It is the one day out of the year that is THEIR DAY so I feel that it should be acknowledged with something special. CLICK HERE to see different options for celebrating student birthdays.

Christmas Student Gifts

Find ideas for holiday gifts that are easy to create (because the holidays are hectic enough) and won’t break the bank. CLICK HERE to find ideas for Christmas student gifts.

100th Day of School Ideas & Treats

Your students have worked hard to learn how to count to 100 and it is now time to celebrate! I have had the pleasure of throwing many 100th day of school celebrations over the years, CLICK HERE to see some of my favorite 100th Day ideas and treats.

Valentine’s Day Student Gift Ideas

Simple yet touching ideas for student valentine gifts that give you quick, inexpensive ways to send special valentines to your students.  CLICK HERE to view all my favorite ideas.

valentine cards for students with dog theme

St. Patrick’s Day Student Gift Ideas

Surprising students with a little extra treat on celebration days can make them feel special and make the day more memorable for them.  CLICK HERE to see ideas for St. Patrick’s Day student gifts that can be given as a take home treats or special surprises. 

St. Patrick's Day Student Gift Idea and Gift Tag

Easter Student Gift Ideas

CLICK HERE to view some favorite Easter gift ideas that can be added to any Easter treat to easily create a special surprise for your students.

Thanksgiving Student Gift Ideas

Our Thanksgiving party is one of my favorite school celebrations.  I like sending a little something special home with my students as well as putting a little “surprise” by their place setting at our class feast.  CLICK HERE to see all of the Thanksgiving treats ideas.

free Thanksgiving student gift tag & student gift

Halloween Student Gifts

CLICK HERE to view non-candy treat options for your Halloween party or celebration.

If you would like to have gift ideas and editable gift tags so you can easily create memorable, personalized student gifts for the entire school year, CLICK HERE to get over 125 editable student gift tags in a money-saving bundle pack.

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