Back to School, Open House, Meet the Teacher Student Gift Ideas & Gift Tags

back to school & open house/meet the teacher student gift

I am posting some of my favorite back to school student gifts.  I have found over the years that having a little something special waiting for young students on the first day of school or on Meet the Teacher Night (Open House) helps make them feel a little more at ease and excited about beginning school.  If you like the printable tags attached to the gifts you can find an editable set of them here.

I’ve Been Bubbling with Excitement to Meet You Bubble Tags

back to school student gift tag bubbles

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  This is a fun student gift idea especially for a carnival theme!  You could use small bottles of bubbles or bubble wands.

This Year is Going to Blow You Away Blow Pop Student Gift Tags

back to school student gift blow pop tag

Tape this cute saying to Charms Blow Pops.  You can add both the student name and your name or just one or the other.

Thanks for Popping In Blow Pop Gift Tag

open house student gift tag

These student gift tags are perfect for Open House or Meet the Teacher Night!  Simply attach them to Charms Blow Pops for an adorable favor for students or parents.

I’m Lucky to Have You in My Class Lucky Charms Student Gift Tag

back to school student gift tag for Lucky Charms cereal

I have to admit that this one is one of my favorites!  Attach this student gift tag to a baggie filled with Lucky Charms cereal for a “charming” back to school treat.  It could also be used for a St. Patrick’s Day party favor.

Pencil Student Gift Tags for Back to School

If you are planning on giving students new pencils for the beginning of the school year these gift tags make them extra special!

You’re a Smart Cookie Student Gift Tags

I have used two different versions of the cookie tags. “You’re a smart cookie!” can be used at the beginning of school or any time during the year as a reward or incentive. “You’re a smart cookie! Welcome to (insert grade level or my class)!” is perfect for the beginning of the year or Open House.  I usually attach them to snack bags of cookies but you could also attach them to a baggie filled with cookies or a large wrapped cookie.  This is a student favorite!

back to school student gift bag topper - smart cookie

I have also done gift bag toppers that read “Welcome to my class! You’re a smart cookie!”. I’ve used the bag toppers when I didn’t have individual snack bags of cookies and instead wanted to divide up a bag of cookies or give out homemade cookies.

Ready to Roll Tootsie Roll Student Gift Tags

back to school student gift tag for tootsie roll

Your students will be “ready to roll” into a new school year when they see these sitting on their desks!  Attach these tags to a baggie of Tootsie Rolls or one large Tootsie Roll.

It’s a Treat Having You in My Class Student Gift Tags

It's a treat having you in my class back to school student gift tag

As a dog lover, this is another personal favorite!  These tags can be attached to either Scooby Doo graham cracker sticks snack bags or baggies filled with the Scooby Doo graham cracker sticks which resemble dog bones.  Perfect for a dog classroom theme!

I’m Bursting with Excitement Starburst Student Gift Tags

Students will be bursting in to your classroom on the first day of school when they see these student gifts!  I have used both the small tags and the larger bag toppers for decorating the Starburst filled bags.

It’s Going to Be a Colorful Year Crayons Student Gift Tags

If you plan on giving your little ones crayons at the beginning of the year these gift tags are perfect! You can find sets of crayons at WalMart, the Dollar Store, or Amazon has bulk 12 packs.

You’re Going to Have a Bright Year Glow Stick Student Gift Tag

back to school student gift - glow stick
back to school student gift - glow stick

Seeing these glow stick student gifts will brighten even the most reluctant student’s day! Students love  glow sticks – they think they are so cool and magical!!

“O-fish-all” Fish Student Gift Tags

back to school gift or open house student gift

This student gift is perfect for an ocean or beach classroom theme!  I have used both small tags and large bag toppers to decorate the bags filled with either Goldfish Crackers or Swedish Fish.

I’m “Beary” Happy to Have You in My Class Student Gift Tag

back to school gift or open house student gift

Attach this adorable tag to a bag filled with Teddy Grahams or Gummi Bears for an inviting gift for students on the first day of school, Open House, or Teddy Bear Day (Teddy Bear picnic).

Noah’s Ark Student Gift Tags

back to school gift or open house student gift - Noah's Ark

Working in a Christian school, Noah’s Ark was a popular theme that I used more than once so I created this student gift tag to compliment a bag of Animal Crackers.

Play Dough Back to School Gift Tag

back to school student gift play dough

A great way to help nervous students on the first day of school is to give them play dough! Molding and shaping play dough can help students work out tension and anxiety. You can choose to make your own or buy the packs of small cans.  They are reasonably priced and you can find the multi-packs at stores such as WalMart or they are also on Amazon in a variety of amounts (10 pack24 pack36 pack).

Beach Themed Back to School Student Gifts

back to school student gifts - beach theme

A popular classroom theme for back to school is the beach. These student gifts will fit in perfectly and are a cute way to give students any classroom supplies they may need for the year. I found nice sand buckets at the Dollar Tree (if you have a large class, Amazon has a set of 24 with sand toys). The Dollar Tree also had some supplies for inside (pencils, pencil boxes, rulers, crayons, etc.).  I’ve used 2 different sayings: “This year will be buckets of fun!” or “We’re going to have buckets of fun this year!”.

“Whale-come” to My Class Back to School Gift

back to school gift tag whale-come

This is another fun tag that can be used with your beach theme! Attach it to a baggie filled with Goldfish Crackers or Swedish Fish.

Back to School Tag Ideas for Jump Ropes

back to school tag for jump rope
jump rope back to school tags

I found jump ropes at the Target Dollar Spot and knew they would make fun back to school gifts for my incoming students because they are always a popular pick on the playground. I created 2 different gift tags for my 2 classes – “I’m jumping for joy that you are in my class!” and “(Student name) is ready to jump into a new school year!”.

If you liked the tags pictured above and would like to use them for your student gifts they are available here.

Back to School Student Gift Tags Editable

These back to school tags have received over 1,00 reviews from fellow eduators. Here are a few of them so you can see what other teacher are saying about using these tags:


“LOVE! Easy to use, easy to edit and what a time saver! Edited, printed and laminated within a few minutes. Can’t wait to use them throughout the year! The price point is awesome too!” – Christine S.

“These are BEYOND PERFECT! Such a time saver and love that they are editable! I am so excited to use these year after year! Thank you!” – Kathryn K.

“I wish I could give this an A+! I absolutely love all the options. Now I have to choose one! ” – Christine Z.

“Yes, I could have made each one of these tags myself, but why should I bother? They wouldn’t have been nearly as adorable, you did a super cute job, it’s done, and it’s affordable! Thanks for saving me HOURS of work! :)” – Kimberly W.

“I have used these for so many occasions. There is SO much variety and by far the best tags i’ve found.” – Christine I.

“These are so cute, and so much better than what I am able to create. I love that this bundle has different options. Each year you can do something different.” – Valerie M.

“Great resource as it helped my students feel welcomed, valued and important on meet the teacher night.” – Bailey C.

“Very cute. I love that I can edit them. No more searching for the right tag. Great selection.” – Luanne M.

“Thank you for the variety! This makes the craziness of back to school easier!” – Erin Z.

“Excellent product! You’ve planned for everything and made the busy back-to-school season so much easier.” – Laura S.

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