No Prep November Literacy & Math

No Prep November Literacy & Math

Teachers never have enough time, especially in November! There’s parent teacher conferences, the post-Halloween sugar rush, Thanksgiving, etc. Since planning and preparing centers takes a lot of time, I’ve created digital literacy and math Thanksgiving centers that require NO PREP (no cutting, printing, or laminating!) to make life a little easier and less hectic.

All is required is to assign students the digital Boom Card decks or Google Slides that are appropriate for them (easy differentiation) and have students access them during center time on laptops and/or iPads. So simple! (If you are not familiar with Boom Cards read this post for more information).

Literacy Centers

Since students are usually still working on mastering all of the alphabet letters and their sounds and need assessed on their mastery for parent teacher conferences, I created fun Thanksgiving turkey Boom Cards and Google Slides for both.

The students that still need practice recognizing and matching uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters can use this digital center where they drag and drop the correct missing feather to the turkey. The missing feathers vary, so they will get practice finding and matching both uppercase and lowercase letters. There are also feathers with pictures for beginning sounds / initial sounds practice.

The Boom Cards are self-checking so young students can complete them independently and they love the digital, interactive nature of the cards. The Google Slides come with an answer key.

Thanksgiving Alphabet Letters Match Boom Cards

The students that need to practice letter sounds access this deck and look at the uppercase and lowercase letters on each turkey, hunt for the two missing feathers which have pictures that begin with the letter, and drag and drop the feathers to the correct place on the turkey’s tail.

Here is a short video that shows both of the Boom Cards Thanksgiving alphabet decks in action. They are also a fun way to assess students!

Here is a short video showing both of the Google Slides Thanksgiving alphabet resources in action.

Math Centers

For November math centers, students access either the Thanksgiving number sense center or the Thanksgiving addition center.

Since young students need a lot of practice with number sense, I like making the center engaging and fun so it is motivating for them. It is similar in nature to the literacy centers, therefore students are already familiar with how it works.  Students drag and drop the correct missing feather to the turkey. The missing feathers vary throughout the deck, so students get practice recognizing and finding numbers 1-20, tally marks, ten frames, subitizing dots, finger counting, and place value.

Here is a short video of the Google Slides Number Sense Thanksgiving center in action:

For students who are practicing addition to 10, I created an engaging turkey addition digital center.  Students solve the addition problems by counting the feathers on each turkey, adding them together, and typing the sum in the box.

Here is a short video clip of the Boom Cards addition to 10 center in action. It is also self-checking allowing students to work independently.

If you would like to save time planning your November literacy and math centers, these are available for immediate use in your classroom. Click any of the links below to access them:

Google Slides

Thanksgiving Alphabet Uppercase Lowercase Letters Google Slides

Thanksgiving alphabet letters uppercase lowercase Google Classroom

Thanksgiving Alphabet Letter Sounds for Google Slides

Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds Letter Sounds Google

Get both alphabet resources in a money-saving bundle!

Thanksgiving Alphabet Letters Letter Sounds Beginning Sounds Google

Thanksgiving Number Sense for Google Slides

Thanksgiving Number Sense Digital Google Classroom

Thanksgiving Addition to 10 for Google Slides

Thanksgiving Addition to 10 Google Classroom Digital

Get both math Google Slides resources in a money-saving bundle!

Thanksgiving Number Sense Addition to 10 Google Classroom

Boom Cards

Thanksgiving Alphabet Letters Boom Cards Uppercase & Lowercase Letter Matching

Thanksgiving Alphabet Letters Boom Cards

Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds, Letter Sounds Boom Cards (Digital Task Cards)

Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds Digital Boom Cards

Buy them both in a money-saving bundle pack!

Thanksgiving Alphabet Bundle Boom Cards

Thanksgiving Number Sense Boom Cards Numbers, Tally Marks, 10 Frames, Subitizing

Thanksgiving number sense to 20 Boom Cards

Thanksgiving Turkey Addition to 10 Digital Boom Cards

Thanksgiving addition to 10 Digital Boom Cards

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