Differentiated Winter Counting Practice Using Pic Collage & Seesaw


winter counting practice using Pic Collage & Seesaw

Two of my favorite apps for classroom use are Pic Collage (we use the Pic Kids version) and Seesaw.  They are both free and very easy for younger students to use.

These apps make integrating technology into existing lessons and curriculum super simple and they are great motivators for students because the kids love using the iPads! Win-win!

What I like about these 2 apps is you can combine hands-on learning with technology so the students can still get fine motor skills practice.

Number Mats

I love using play dough / center mats to help young students develop number sense. They are multi-sensory and help students visualize the number.

The only drawback of using these mats at centers is you oftentimes don’t have a record of what students have practiced. The mats are laminated so students use the play dough or manipulatives to show the number but then remove or dump them off when finished. This is where technology comes in very handy.

Students complete the mats using play dough, snow dough, dot painters, cotton balls or mini-marshmallows (snowballs) or other winter manipulatives.

snow dough winter counting play dough mat winter number mat

winter counting mat

When finished, students take a photo of their completed mats in either Pic Collage (Pic Kids) or Seesaw – both apps have photo tools.

If students were able to fit all of their completed number mats in one photo, they can save the photo for you to see/assess later OR if they need to take more than one photo to show their work, they can make a collage of their photos in Pic Collage.

counting mat in Seesaw app OR counting mats in Pic Collage app

Students can also use the Doodle tool in Pic Collage or the Draw tool in Seesaw to trace and practice writing the numbers from the mats.

counting mats in Pic Collage app    number mats in Seesaw app Draw tool

Students can also use the Recording and Pointer tools or just the Record tool in Seesaw to record themselves pointing to and counting the manipulatives on their mats and then saying and pointing to the number much like they would do if working directly with you. I LOVE this feature in Seesaw!! (When students are using the Recording feature make sure they are in a quiet area of the classroom.)

number mats in Seesaw app

Watch the YouTube video below for a short demonstration of using the Record tool in Seesaw with a number mat.

Differentiated Practice Pages

Since my students range in ability level, I created differentiated counting practice pages.  I use them with the technology to encourage and motivate reluctant learners (kids LOVE using technology) and to save on ink and paper when using the full-color version of the pages.

Since I need the pages to be in JPEG (picture format) for the apps, I first create picture files of the pages from my PDF file and put them on my Camera Roll.

Here is how I use each counting practice page in the apps.

The first set of differentiated counting pages is for students who still need practice with one to one correspondence and recognizing numbers. It requires students to count sets of objects and circle the correct number from 3 given numbers (core standards K.CC.B.4 and K.CC.B.5).

Students can use the Doodle tool in Pic Collage or the Draw tool in Seesaw to circle the correct number for each set and write their names.

winter counting practice Pic Collage  winter counting practice Seesaw app

Students can also use the Record tool in Seesaw to record themselves pointing to and counting each set.  This is a great tool for students who may be struggling with one to one correspondence. It allows the students (and you) to watch the recording and see if they are missing objects or double counting objects. A short video demonstration of what the recording would look like is below. It will give you an idea of how the Pointer tool works and what the recording looks like in Seesaw.

The second set of counting pages is for students who are ready to practice writing numbers. It requires students to count sets of objects and write the correct number (core standards K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4 and K.CC.B.5).

This page can also be completed using the Doodle tool in Pic Collage or the Draw tool in Seesaw.  Please note that I feel students also need plenty of practicing writing numbers with pencil and paper and we do practice this! I use this version to encourage reluctant learners, as an early finisher, or as extra practice.

counting and writing numbers in Pic Collage  counting and writing numbers in Seesaw app

The third set of counting pags requires students to represent a given number by either drawing or cutting and pasting the correct number of apples or pumpkins (core standards K.CC.B.4 and K.CC.B.5)

There are several options for this type of page.

Option 1: Use the Stickers tool along with the Duplicate option in Pic Collage to put the correct number of snowflakes in each row.

winter number practice Pic Collage winter number practice Pic Collage

Option 2: Use the web search tool in Pic Collage to choose a snowflake photo. Then use the Duplicate option to put the correct number of snowflakes in each row.

winter counting practice Pic Collage     winter counting practice Pic Collage

Option 3: Use the Drawing tool in Pic Collage to draw the correct number of snowballs in each row.

counting practice winter Pic Collage    counting practice winter Pic Collage

Option 4: If your students need practice with cutting and pasting, have them complete the page by cutting and pasting the correct number of mittens in each row. Then, have them take a photo of the completed page and upload it to Seesaw.

Students can use the Record tool to count the mittens in each row to double check their work and demonstrate their counting ability.  Students can also record themselves explaining their thinking about how how they pasted the objects. For example, they could explain that they first pasted a row of 10 and then single pumpkins for numbers 11-20.

winter counting & numbers cut and paste   01dff2150a014ab35f3ae21b73ed37ff73793d1389


If you would like to use the winter number mats and differentiated counting pages shown above in your classroom as well as have step by step directions with pictures on how to use them with Pic Collage and Seesaw, click here.

Winter Counting & Numbers


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